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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by stinger136, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. stinger136

    stinger136 Guest

    guys so which brand of mitts do u think is the best overall looks and feel? is shock top the best brand for mitts around? and those mitts with the funky colors wat brand are they? thx guys
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  3. i cant see why you would need them to be honest.

    they only would make a worth while diffrence if you were in a international team.

    the only reason i would ever wear them is if i played in england or something and it rained every day and i would just wear them untill they got too wet, then i would have dry hands again!

    what was the question again?
    oh whats the best brand? - i dont know [​IMG]
  4. I only have experience with 2 brands Rugbytech and Gilbert and both are pretty much exactly the same
  5. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    I use/d Gilbert ones.

    I got away with using Raleigh Bike Gloves once, did the exact same job at double the price.
  6. does anyone here actually wear gloves? in my last post i sounded like rather negative towards them (which i am but...)

    do they actually make much of a difrence at the lower level? i know if i was up againced someone wearing gloves, there hands would be sore after the game from rucking [​IMG]
  7. Yeah i wear them um they dont make that much of a difference they help me only when i scoop up loose ball in the wet but i just wear them to look flash [​IMG]
  8. harrison2468

    harrison2468 Guest

    I don't like gloves at all - people think they improve ur catching and handling, but I think that rather than spending dosh on a pair of gloves which do very little, spend time improving ur catching by doing up and unders etc.
  9. Thats what i was saying they dont do that much you have to have catching ability before you start wearong them, honestly i wear them and i cant catch that good.
  10. they're really for added security, as mentioned above, they won't make a player with fantastic hands, basically you won't become a centre from being a prop.
  11. stinger136

    stinger136 Guest

    haha.. apparently the coach is sponsoring the whole backlines so he asked us to pick the ones we liked since its free so why not rite? well i dont think it has much help either.. theres this jelly hands in my team that drop the balls with or without them and i just treat them as a fashion statement.. [​IMG]
  12. I wear Kooga gloves, seem to help a bit, but they absorb every little bit of water within a several mile radius, so can get a bit damp here in England
  13. well grip mitts don't come cheap, so if they're free take em.
  14. harrison2468

    harrison2468 Guest

    They aren't that bad over here price-wise now, about £10 in some places. When they started, they were about £30, which is a rip-off consideing they are crap and just a fashion statement.
  15. I'm sure some people can make use of them. But they just generally don't seem to help the average person. I can see them being used perhaps in wetter climate countries.
  16. harrison2468

    harrison2468 Guest

    Yeah, weird though that they were invented by a Kiwi though - Taine Randell.
  17. yeah, one of my team mates have me his because he thought they didn't work, so I have 2 pairs now
  18. stinger136

    stinger136 Guest

    well my team stick to the shocktops.. well feels weird the 1st time wearing them.. as though ur wearing compression shirts on ur hands.. doesn realli feel any difference with them just tt under rainy conditions it has a much better grip.. perhaps of the water soaking capabilities?
  19. Ok so during practice catching a wet ball I understood something. What happens is that bad players who can't catch usually tend to get it on the fingertips, where the gloves don't reach, so they don't get any extra grip if their hands don't wrap around the ball properly. now if you catch well, but the ball is wet, it's more of a challenge as the ball squirts loose like a bar of soap, so you actually need more grip in your palms, I might actually try chalk or magnesium powder, like what weightlifters use.
  20. Kooga gloves work well for me. As everyone seems to be implying, they won't aid a player who can't play in the first place at all. They just give extra grip and confidence to players with decent handling skills.
  21. contepomi

    contepomi Guest

    I can't and don't really play but I bought a pair to make me look better when I'm having a muckabout.
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