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grip mitts

Originally posted by contepomi@Aug 19 2005, 06:53 PM
I can't and don't really play but I bought a pair to make me look better when I'm having a muckabout.
Won't make you look that good unless you actually play well.
I used to play scrum half and wore gloves in the winter. When passing the ball off the floor from scrums and rucks you can notice the difference because your pass is more accurate and longer.

The bad thing about them is when you take them off. If you've had a hard game your fingers would be smashed and swollen and it was a bloody pain taking them off.

As I play blindside now I rarely wear the things.
I recently bought a Compression shirt and Gloves and the chest and shoulder pad like Habana wears.I havnt worn the pad but since its been raining here in Canada the gloves and compression shirt come in handy,keeps you warm specially during this time of yr in Canada.
I find the rugbytech gloves pretty good to use, but they ain't very durable in the stitching, need a new pair every season its seems
yea I have the Canterbury grip mitts and they work out real well and they're only 10 dollars.
Well Its been really wet here so recently I've looked like a football player lol(Bryan Habana)The gloves,mitts, Compression shirt, and shoulder pads. I recomendd wearing this whole combo of equipment.

The "HARDCORE" aka "Old School" might think your a bit soft, But keeps you warm, and you dont feel as much pain after making alot of tackles.
I bought a pair of rugby gloves the other day seeing as they were down to 5 euro from 15. I couldn't find any black ones so I had to get these kinda poncey grey/silvery ones. Guess I'll be getting in a lot more fights.
LOL,Well Its lucky every piece of equipment I bought was black.SOme people tend to think your soft if your wearing all that eqipment. I havnt seen anyone hate on Reihana or Habana yet, by the way have you seen some of the Shoulder pads Habana has worn in the past ? He looks like a football player


I havnt got any heat about it here, just racist comments about being an Islander.Some people on the boards seem to think its for soft guys though
i have used gilbert and addidas for the past few years, at outside center, and sometimes when it rained a lot at scrum half, they helped a lot, i liked them i felt more secure with the ball in my hands...

Originally posted by ALLBLACKS@Nov 8 2005, 12:05 AM
I havnt seen anyone hate on Reihana yet
Who would? He's a legend. I just try and copy him when I'm playing 15, scrum cap and all.
Yea I wear the Shoulder Pads(They help reduce the pain you feel the next day), The gloves(when its wet), and the Compression Shirt(always).

No head gear for me LOL.
im thinkin of gettin some shoulder pads ive never had any, so im not sure how they will feel, but i take some hits at center...

Yea the equipment helps abit,The only one I find makes a significant is the Compression Shirt, It really keeps you warm or Cold, whichever one you buy works.

The shoulder Pads do some good, keeps you pretty safe

A few players have adopted wearing full gear...


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