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Gun incidents

Ask a stupid question, expect to get a facetious answer. WTF did they expect?
I just checked the Twitter account and it must be a **** take account. I'm 99.9% sure but like with all good pisstakes like this there's that element of this could be real. It's not though.
Oh it's a parody account but it's 100% the line of thinking that "Young Republicans (TM)" I went to college with thought would connect them with republican base even though they never shot a gun or read the Bible.

Reasons why standard police officers should not have guns #828189

Seriously what the **** clearly the police officer and no one else in the vicinity were under the immediate threat of danger. It shouldn't of even been drawn. I mean this from the perspective of when the gun is brandished. Clear escalation rather than deescalation by the police.
It's simple, American officers aren't trained to deescalate. They spend more time training to shoot. America has a shoot first and ask questions later culture and this is the result. Combine it with it being an openly racist country, this is the end result.

And the gunman is still at large.
"The police report said the 15-year-old's grandfather told them he had given the teenager the weapon as a present and took him shooting almost weekly."

Seriously America has such a ****** up gun fetish "culture". Giving a 15 year old a lethal weapons as a "gift"? That country's relationship with guns has gone off the rails and the level to which they make excuses for it is sickening. TBH nothing will ever happen until either those who keep making excuses for guns start losing regularly in elections (not going to happen realistically any time soon) or those who keep making excuses for guns start getting shot and killed.

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