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halo 3 finnaly announced

Yes, can't wait to see RVB in HD with Halo 3.

I also hope that Halo 3 will be more like the first Halo game. Halo 2 wasn't the same game (gameplay wise)
I thought this was annouced ages ago.

I remember reading an article in Time magazine about a year and a half ago (has Bill Gates on the cover holding a 360) and he said that he wanted to release it the same day as the PS3 came out... may have been Halo 2.
Meh... Never really liked the HALO games all that much. Personally I prefered the Riddick game on XBOX to both the HALO games... and that's not mentioning the PC FPS's
Halo 1 multiplayer did it for me. I still think that Halo 1 is still the best multiplayer game on a console.
I have heard they are including the assault rifle from Halo 1, which is pretty good to hear as prefered the old school weapon to the cheap rifle in Halo 2.

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