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Has the WII died on its arse?


St Helens RLFC

I have noticed something over recent months. Every Wii game being released is getting poor reviews. And this has been a steady trend for about 5 months now.

So... has the Wii reached its peak already (Zelda) or is the best over the hill?
The problem with the Wii is that it seems to have caught third-party developers completely by surprise. I suppose they were expecting something in the realms of the Gamecube for retail figures. When they noticed that it had actually sold, they were quick to clamour out any old crap to get in on the act and the cash. Hence the last few months. It is somewhat disconcerting that the two most popular games for the console appear to be ports (Resident Evil 4 and Legend of Zelda).

The other problem is Nintendo of Europe's disdain for this region. Trauma Centre: Second Opinion should finally be out this week over here, and I imagine it will get good reviews. But that doesn't change the fact that it was a launch ***le in America and Japan. Also, Super Paper Mario will be with us in a month. Again, another high scorer, but it's been out in America so long many people were giving up hope it'd ever reach Europe.

I suppose Christmas will be the critical time, not only for the Wii, but all the consoles. Especially now that Grand Theft Auto IV has been delayed until next year, it leaves the arena wide open for everybody else. Both Ubisoft and Electronic Arts have conceded that their launch software was somewhat mediocre and have promised to re-double their efforts for this holiday. I refuse to acknowledge it with anything but disdain, but Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games will probably sell very well. If it's got brilliant software this Christmas, it can survive. If not, it may become a repeat of the Gamecube. A shame, as some of the Cube's best ***les undoubtedly came out in its twilight years.
I think it's proabbly due to the lack of games out atm especially in europe(pal regions) that will change later in the year though when games like metroid prime,super mario galaxy come out and the 08 sports games which are noticeably better this time and some with wii exclusive things like the party games in madden.

the wii is still doing very well in worldwide sales figures and is easily outselling the ps3 and is only a few million behind the 360. a lot of third party developers are also joining and comitting to develop for the wii. early next year will proabbly be the best time for the wii when the big guns like brawl and mario kart come out.
The Wii is a childish console with childish games. After the novelty wears off, you are left with a console which has ancient graphics and a controller that you want as a controller.

With this console, there no point in making mature games because they will never work. Thats why there are so many childrens games out there for the Wii.
An interesting viewpoint you've got there. Certainly games like The Godfather, Manhunt 2 and Resident Evil 4 are there to prove its not solely a childrens console, but I do concede that its a commonly held belief. I find the same people usually also believe that mature games equals violence and swearing, which again, I find somewhat misleading.

As for the ancient graphics comment, I think thats an overstatement. It's at least as powerful as the first Xbox, which held some truly beautiful games. Of course, it'll never be as powerful as the 360 or the PS3, but I cant really say I want to spend a grand on high-definition equipment just to appreciate the "next-gen" of my 360. And admittedly nobodys truly fully utilising the horsepower of the console yet. It seems like Metroid Prime 3 is looking like it'll be the first to actually start pushing the console instead of housing lazy PS2 ports which do look pretty dire. And it's not like Nintendo have entirely dismissed HD tech. They've said they will probably embrace the technology into their next console, when HD gear is more affordable.

I admit the controller is not what I would prefer. Most surveys of gamers do seem to suggest that they believe that motion sensing is here to stay though, so I guess it may become something we all have to get used to. Heck, even Microsoft is now considering it. Indeed, sales of the console havent exactly died down, but I do think there's a serious lack of quality control at the moment, hence people labelling it as a novelty and a gimmick (and in some games cases, rightly so). If the quality doesnt improve for Christmas, I do think it may start to have serious adverse affects for Nintendo.

Not that I suspect Nintendo will be phased. The DS has certainly succeeded. Nintendo have even commented they may finally retire the Game Boy name now...
Yeah, the WII never really appealed to me because of the way it's advertised and the image that i perceive of it. I get the impression that it's for kids, but if you're an adult it's ok to buy it - as long as you're a girl.
Seriously, it just didn't come across as a lad's console.
Far too much of a novelty from the looks of the poor bowling and golf games and by god, if i want to be doing exercises you'll surely find me down the gym. But i'm there to play the computer. Therefore, only my fingers should be doing the work.
I mean, do you ever feel in that mood where you're really lazy and you just wanna chill out on your bean bag and and pass away the night by making lara do lots of jumps? Imagine only having the WII at your disposal and you have to go moving around and stuff. That truly puts me off the idea. Although i'm sure there are games out there which don't require you to move.
I'm just not a fan.

But take note, all of this comes from a very ignorant person when it comes to consoles.
You dont have to exaggerate your movement at all. I'm led to believe it's entirely possible to play any of the games with just flicks of the wrist whilst lounging on the couch (a skill any bachelor should be proficient with)

But i'll agree that the exercise step accessory isnt doing the Wii's image any favours...
The Wii would have done better/lasted longer is it was released instead of releasing the Gamecube.

To be honest, if the Wii was around when I was young, then i would of most definitely got one.
I played 30-40 hours of marvel alliance comepletely sitting down. a lot of the fps games and driving games you don't need to move at all. it's really only in sports games like tennis or golf where you really have to move around. sure the wii has some kiddy games but that has always been the nintendo way and there are plenty of more adult type games either out already or coming out. watch the no more heroes trailer and tell me that's a kiddy game. The best is yet to come for the wii and resident evil 4 is a glimspe of what the wii can really do.
I haven't been following the current gen consoles but i doubt the WII will fall on its arse. The reason why the games are probably getting poor reviews are because theyre aiming for a new market, the "casual gamer". A article i read suggested that Nintendo are ditching the hardcore gamers, the same people that got them to where they are now. It goes to show that cash is nintendos priority no matter how good they treat their customers (Im not surprised).
Plus isn't it because the Wii is short on supply which might be limiting their sales? Plus you only need Japan to survive the console war. In Japan Nintendo is GOD. Then again i know f*** all about these new consoles im just guessing.
Sorry for the double post. Even if PS3 & 360 outsell Wii it doesn't neccesarly mean that Nintendo won't be making a lot of cash. The Wii and the games cost less to make compared to 360 and PS3 games. Which means more money for Nintendo. Plus the DS is outselling the consoles so i think Nintendo will still support the wii if things get ugly.
A article i read suggested that Nintendo are ditching the hardcore gamers, the same people that got them to where they are now.[/b]
At E3, Satoru Iwata (head of Nintendo) said that now that they've brought in a new demographic of casual gamers, he wants to create games that can appeal to both the casual and the hardcore audience so they can both play together. A nice idea. I think its impossible. After all, casual gamers are casual gamers because they tend not to like the hardcore offerings. And if they like the hardcore stuff, they tend to be weened off the casual stuff in the process. Still, if Nintendo want to try it, who am I to stop them?

By the way, I really hate the term "casual gamer". I have no problem with Nintendo bringing in a new audience, but cant we call them softcores or something?
I'd call them fags.
How can you appeal to hardcore gamers when the games are soo softcore? (I'm liking this new word Zonerunner)
Nintendo have given up trying to compete with X-box and playstations. The WII is doing well because it is more child friendly, great for party games and for women. It's aimed at a completely different market and isn't really comparable to the 360 or PS3. I think the games like resident evil are there as token games for people who like that sort of game, but get the WII for other reasons.

I don't have a WII but several friends do, and as multiplayer the only thing playstations have had out to compare is guitar hero.
There are far too few games out for the system and as has been said the third party support has been terrible. None the less it is outselling the 360 and the PS3 each month. So I wouldn't say it's dieing.
There are far too few games out for the system and as has been said the third party support has been terrible. [/b]

Actually there's a huge amount of third party support on board. The problem the Wii developers have is fine tuning the controls really. I knew from the beginning that the first year would be somewhat difficult because developers need to get to grips with developing the controller. But there's going to be a massive slew of games sometime in the near future.

Mark my words.
The Wii is just different, and people aren't used to it. There have been decent games out for it, Zelda, Excite Truck, Resi 4, Mario Strikers, Trauma Centre which is just about to come out and Red Steel quite a good game, not great but good. That's not too bad for a console in it's first year, especially when the developers are going to have to rework their design methods. The same happened with the DS and now there's a rake of great games available for it.

I think the Wii is going to force people to be a lot more efficient with design. If you've played Mario Strikers you'll know what an amazing control system it is. It doesn't feel like they've forced motion tech into it, it's only used to shoulder charge people (which actually works great because it almost feels like your really hitting someone.) You can pick up the controls to it in a single game, and there's a fair bit of depth to it. If you add to that the fact that it's one of the few games that's enjoyable to watch people playing, it's the perfect example of where the console is going.

The third party support was never there for the GC, but with the sales of the Wii were at least going to get developers giving it a go. And that will be the proof of how good a Wii console is. Remember the first year of any console is always terrible for games, and you're going to have to be patient as devs get used to a new system.

Then of course there is the multi-player party games. There's nothing like having a room full of wasted people waving their arms about trying to play tennis, or the console declaring your fitness age as 71. Good times.