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Have a game that I can't get to run, need help!

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Hi, I have this old game that I feel like playing so I installed it on my new computer (without any problems) but when I try to play it it just won't run. Any ideas?
If you can provide some details I may be able to help out.

What Game is it? OS version? System specs?

Also, as always, make sure graphics card drivers and DirectX are up to date.
if it's an old dos game download a program called dosbox

it runs in xp. you load dosbox and map your c drive, then just run the game like you would have back in 1994

works well

otherwise if its a windows game, try and find the exe file for it (i will use game.exe as an example)

right click on game.exe and go to properties. click on the compatibility tab.

tick "run this program in compatibility mode for"

and select windows 95 or windows 98

see how you go with that
well sometimes you have to run it through the command window. but i'm not exactly sure how...
The game is called Silver, I think its from 1999 so no need for dosbox. My computer will run most games without any trouble its fairly new. The thing is I got it to work a couple of days ago but now it just won't work. That was the only time I've got it to work on this computer. I tried changing the box in compatability mode and that's how I got it to work but like I said no luck
There might be another solution but this could be costly.

There is a program called VMWare workstation. You install it in windows. With this you can install an older version of Windows in VMWare. e.g Windows 98. Bear in mind you still need a licenced version of the operating system you are installing and you also need a licence to run VMWare. I know there was some legal issues about this program a while ago so best to read more about it at www.vmware.com and all the relevant docs.

Otherwise if you have a small 20GB or something similar lying around hookit up to your pc and dualboot it with an older Windows version. Also bear in mind you need a valid licence for this.

I have noticed this with some older games they can't handle new hardware. It might be that the game is too old.
Have a look online to see if there are any patches (offical or unofficial) for the game. I had the same problem with Max Payne when I came to replaying it, installed the newer patches that allows it to run under newer directX versions etc.

Otherwise you are outta luck, without getting on old graphics card (most likely hardware problem) or an older version of Windows (most likely software problem).

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