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Ever wish ea rugby was better?
I Emailed HB Studios this, will let you know if they reply

Dear HB

Ea Rugby 2007 is a very good game but suffers in the longevity stakes due a lack of gameplay depth. When you look at the countries in which it sells well - no1 in NZ & Ireland, No3 in UK Aus; these are people who know rugby. Having a relatively shallow gameplay experience means people either just rent it or just play it around a mates house. By adding depth you develop a game which people have to own so they can play it at home - either by themselves or online. For example why doesn't franchise mode resemble the depth found in fifa or madden?

It feels as if you guys whilst making a good basic rugby game aren't including the great bits of rugby that make it such a varied game - at the moment rugby computer games are basically pass/run/tackle games and lack any of the depth a good rugby game should have. rugby 2006 was good but how about improving the next version by:

- being able to start mauls in open play by holding a certain button when entering the tackle - works if a strong player but weaker players are driven back

- mauls - being able to peel from mauls and have rolling mauls. You are missing a massive part of rugby - namely forward play at the moment

- line outs are quite good but what happened to all the different moves you could do in rugby 2001 peels - hooker taking ball at front etc

- player control over whether or not to offload - again holdong a certain button when going into contact and releasing in a particular direction to select which support runner you are popping the ball upto- better players have better chance of offloading. at the moment it is difficult to properly draw a man and pass - a basic school boy rugby technique

- improving rucks - ability to get quick ball - either through seleccting player to instantly pick and drive or pop or add himself to ruck

- contesting ball at breakdown - as the tackler being able to get back on your feet and rip ithe ball - don't do it properly though and a penalty for playing off the ground

- stripping the ball in the tackle like in madden

- driving tackles - in rugby 2006 there is no way to stop a man in his tracks or drive him backwards - this is stupid on the goal line- should be able to line a man up and drive him backwards with a big player if you time tackle correctly

hope that it some use to somebody??

It does seem a shame to see a good game when with a little more thought about tactical depth it could have been great
thats a good letter well done.

though the first line you did say rugby 2007 instead of 2006 :)
A very good and interesting letter. Hopefully HB will give you a very good reply!
It is all about money time and resources.

I suspect they have ideas to improve the game......whether they are capable of doing it has always been the question.

If they try and improve on the template of R2006 then that would be good no doubt....but we can only hope for little improvements at a time until the day come when a Rugby game in real life with all its aspects can be emulated in a console/PC game.

Online would be interesting.
aw man i think that chiro has gone to his unreadable posts again. if not getting damn close
I've sent a few emails to HB a few years ago and never got a reply. They might've changed though.
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What they should do in the planning stages is like...well. Plan it here. You know, gather together a number of reliable members (who aren't going to just ask for amaz1n grfi>< lol!) and have a long chat session where we all throw in our ideas. I can dream.
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sole id take you to school!!!...ay gg you gotta bebo page uso?
GG will be allowing any pretenders who wish to take one the the sigs below off him to challenge him for it......haha!

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boooooo.......you throw down the challenge bro..come pick me up sumtime and we can play 06 24hrs ....ill win EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

thats da challenge uso!

Haha! Thats the Chiro I used to know from years past.....good to see you are back!

I am on holiday till the end of Jan (lol...teaching eh haha!)..so anytime during this time. I have my kids every weekend so often that is not the best time to pay for me...

Craig and Dave will be up on the weekend of the 19th...we could all play then if we arrange something..

Otherwise during the weekdays at the moment I am free...when do your holidays finish?


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well me and my cuzns are havn a rugby 06 tournament on the 2nd jan. $10 entry, winner takes all. at the moment there 8 of us so if any other wellingtonians out there are keen then just PM me..

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