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Sony PSP at a Glance
Release date: 03/24/05 U.S.A
Price: $249 U.S.A Pricing
Display: 4.3-inch, 480x272, TFT LCD
Features: Wi-Fi, MPEG-4 video, MP3, ATRAC,
Dimensions: 6.7 in x 2.91 in x 0.91 in
Weight: 8.36 ounces
Battery life: 2.5-8 hours
ps2 graphics(almost)
network play
memory stick(memory card) capability
plays movies and music
1.8 gig of data memory


Nintendo DS at a Glance
Release date: 11/21/04 U.S.A
Price: $149 U.S.A Pricing
Display: Dual 3-inch TFT LCD
Features: Clock w/alarm, touch screen, PictoChat
Dimensions: 5.85 x 3.33 x 1.13 in.
Weight: 8.84 ounces
Battery life: 6-10 hours
Nintendo DS graphics performance will be on par with the Nintendo 64 game console.
The unit has built-in stereo speakers and a standard headphone connector, so you won't need to spend any money on any silly headset adapters. There's also an embedded microphone and a new microphone connector that enables voice-recognition capabilities.
Multi-Zone-Play Japanese,American version of games

I Wanna purchase one,i know you think im a baby but this could be my best friend on the road.I like what ds offers and had gameboy before,and the history that nintendo has but still feels a bit baby-ish with these touchscreens and these super colourful games?bloody japperz.
Im leaning towards the psp with music and movie compatablity,graphics but the price is of a freakin console and ds is about 100 bucks cheaper...which do you prefer?...

Though a great argument could be made that Nintendo have been around a lot longer on the portible front so they should know they're stuff by now.

But, Sony rhymes with Bony -- and that's all the cool I need.
It depends what you're looking for I think, The PSP has more power for graphics, and the games will be similar to PS2, but in my opinion forking out $500 dollars for a console I already own is a bit pointless. Sure it has MP3 and is portable, but it still is the same basic concept as a PS2. For some a PS2 on the go is the exact reaosn for buying this, so If thats you it's probably perfect, but for me I'd want something a little new for that amount of money.

The DS on the other hand at least has some new ideas, like the touch screen, which is used in some pretty funny ways apparently in "Feel the Magic", such as blowing on the screen, and comes with some sort of messaging system (and some kind of thing where you can download demos from a network or something, I can't elaborate on this as I am not entirely sure). But the DS has less graphics quality, and despite it's apparent smoothness, porbably doesn't sand up to the PSP in that department.

So it's a toss up really. It comes down to personal preference in the end.

My Pick: DS Why: Cheaper, innovative ideas, and something different.

I still Won't be buying either but If I was going to i would Buy the DS.
The DS is innovative. The PSP doesn't do anything we don't already have. It's also a f***load more expensive. DS comes out the winner for me.
yeah i was thinking bout that yesterday....and the ps3 supposively coming out next year
...dodgy sony...i still feel nintendo r stuck in time with these games but wtf i proberly grew too old for there stuff....shot guys...ds then...much more affordable
and i dont hav too save up another two weeks

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