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Saint N Sinner

I bought the Xbox live subscription yesterday but, due to mis communication I have gotten half way through the set-up but stuck on the credit card part of set-up...because the credit card is now valid...if I was to start again and use the same subscription code...would it remain valid?
If you haven't completed it i dont see why you couldn't just start again.

If it doesn't work, just give ya local XBOX hotline a call.
Mrs Air Ben/Lucy has offered to let me use her credit card :D

So should be online shortly.

Under the gamer tag of "Saint N Sinner"
Originally posted by Air Ben@Mar 5 2006, 06:18 AM
So should be online shortly.

Under the gamer tag of "Saint N Sinner"
I bet you someone already has that tag....... your probly gonna have to add a few digits on the end of that....... trust me..... i tried so many tags and in the end i just said stuff it and put 00 on the end

You might get lucky though
I put in Air Ben and so on...but couldnt because was in use, until I tried that one and gotten through without being asked to change it.
Its worked...wooohooo...

On Xbox live under Saint N Sinner...

Currently on Doom 3...

Anyone want to play with me sometime give me a shout...
I would like to but I am on 360 live & I don't think I can go back to the original xbox.
You can play against the original using the 360...just as long as the xbox game is compatible for the 360.
Well yeah but, when it was created in was slightly off topic so..


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