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How do you choose the team that you support?



Wll now it's pretty obvious that the Oz suad isn't that popular but I just read Daniel Braid has signed for the Reds, so i may follow them as well this year


All Blacks: Born and bred in New Zealand.

Hurricanes: I'm from Taranaki, which falls under the 'Canes, so that's why.

Taranaki: Born and bred. Also, cheers to the person who mentioned us helping with Johnathan Spratt previously. I think he's been immense, along with most people around here, and I can't understand why he's left on the bench regularly. We play our best rugby with him starting.

Chiefs: In 2004 the Chiefs and Byron Kelleher were amazing imo. For a while I supported them instead of the 'Canes 'cause I just loved the way Kelleher had helped them achieve all their promise (imo). I'll always have a soft spot for them and Kelleher.

Munster: I'm not fanatical by any means, but I used to talk to a Munster fan and because of them I've grown to like them. I also love the passion.

Ireland: I'm part Irish. Have a real soft spot for them as well. Don't like BOD though.

Italy: I talk to an Italian and I always want them to win because of her.


Blackcaps: Born into it.

Central Districts: Ditto.

India: I like Dhoni and Sreesanth and their arrogance/willingness to stand up to the Ockers and Poms and get in their faces.


West Ham United: The passion and the unpredicatability.

Spain: Fernando Torres.

All Whites: Born into it.

Wellington Phoenix: NZ's representative in the A-League + Shane Smeltz.

Rugby League.

Kiwis: Born into it.

The Warriors: Same as Phoenix basically.

St Helens: Met a Pom who supported them and I told her I'd support them. Supposed to borrow some DVDs off her at some point.

The environment I've been brought up in Rugby wise is to dislike Australia, South Africa, England, France, Auckland, the Blues, Canterbury and the Crusaders. Don't like losing to the Australians at all, but I think in person they're generally lovely people.


Wales and Ospreys - relevant to where i've lived during my years on this earth.

Still haven't found a kinship for USA Eagles yet, it may take a few seasons of being out there to start feeling close to them.


Saracens because they're the only North London Club that matters.

Viadana because they're simply made of awesome.

Old Gordonians because they were the only decent Rugby club affiliated to my University.

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