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how to start with rugby?



i am sixteen years old and i want to start playing rugby.
but how to start with it? is there anything special i have to know? i dont have a lot of information because i live in germany an din germany rugby has a very low amount of popularity.

please help an uninformed boy :D
i believe this is your unions site which might have local club info not sure as i dont speak much german :p
and some basic rules and positions
but after that your best bet would be to go to your nearest club and have a word with the chairman or coach of your age group which could be u17's or colts or even both depending on the club
and just join in with training

this has a few bits and bobs on a few basics which should help

will find some more stuff when i get over england losing :cryy:
So would you recommend just seeing if my local team will let me come in to training and see how I fit/how I like it? I guess there aren't too many options, especially considering rugby isn't that popular over here in the states. Hopefully it's okay if my only experience is in watching a lot of test rugby, and in playing against some high school kids a couple times while I was in Durban!
I would recommend finding a friend in similiar pos and doing it with him, helps a lot

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