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last night i set the priority to high and it crashed... so there goes my theory.

although, i did have a few other applications open which was different.

i think the problem is a memory leak in rugby08.exe

i've monitored the memory usage and there's a steady increase, the more games you play in a row the greater the memory usage.
I still think it crashes only after a try...

Something I noticed just now is, I just scored a try and in the replay I saw one of my players injured. I quickly pushed exit and replaced the player even before it went to the screen where it prompts you to sub the player.

Once I exchanged him the commentator just said one of the sub lines and it went straight to kicking the conversion.

Now I'm not sure if that player was really injured or just the magic water situation.
I'll see how I get on, whenever I score a try I'll quickly push Exit and see if the Stamina on any of my players are really low then I'll know they're injured.


I think my injury system is screwed. With my roster, no one EVER gets injured. I can play an entire Super 14 with injury on high (4 clicks from the end of the bar) and NO ONE will get injured during the whole season.


the game will only crash if you have an injured player that has to be replaced (red cross next to their name) so if you see that you have an injured player, but are about to score, pause and check their status,and if they are red crossed, then you'll have to forfit the try.
if you dont notice, ive found that if you move a currently playing player into the position of the injured player, then replace the injured player, this sometimes stops the game from crashing...only sometimes!


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Sep 3, 2013
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Has anyone fixed this issue? Game still crashes in 2019 lol. Sad cause I really like injuries in world league.