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Internet/Wireless Guru Required!


Goth Power

I have had a problem with my wireless for quite some time now but I have had enough of it and really need it back up and running and thought you chaps might be able to help me out.

I am now running Windows Vista, and I still have the same problem as I did on XP.

I'm unsure as to whether its the adaptor thats knackered or its a type of setting out of place etc.

Can anyone help me?

I am really bored of taking my network cable out of the Xbox 360 everytime I want to use the computer.

If you need any information that may lead to the solution then do not hesitate to ask.

Thanks guys and gals!
What Kind of problems are you actually having?

Does the connection through the wireless keep dropping??

What Router do you have??

Does it have the latest firmware??

At first it picked up the connection and worked for a short time and turned itself off, and then it gradually gotten to this point where it doesn't connect at all.

I can pick up the signal of the router but it doesn't want to connect.

I have reset the router via power pack etc many times, tried my wireless adaptor all over my bedroom, even in the hall

I am not sure about the router setting though as I don't want to mess anything up on it as I don't know much about it.

Oh yeah, its a D-Link if that helps.

I have tried setting up a new connection between the two points which has just lead to the same problem.

I have also installed the software over and over again to see if that would make a difference but obviously not.

Whats firmware?
Found this but not sure what i'm looking for...

I have just dug up the router box...

Its a:

DSL - G624M Wireless 108G MIMO ADSL2/2+ Router.

If that means anything to you :p

EDIT: I downloaded the firmware but I don't know anything about using a XDSL file.

Any suggestions?
make sure you are connected to the router, not by wireless (dont know if its going or not i do)

then read the instructions, there should be some with the download, or where you downloaded it from, its very easy to do.
Yeah, I have to go on to my IP address, and install it through that but the only problem is that I don't know my username and password.

I've never set one for it!
Well it obviousley isn't unless the default is different to admin/admin.

I'l have to look into it further etc.
vista is pretty junk when it comes to networking now. its dumbed down, but split into a million peices to its impossible to actually accomplish anything.
My brother spent 4days trying to connect his new laptop (running on Vista) witht he wireless network. Apparantly many laptops have trouble connecting wireless when on Vista.
Don't know how he managed in the end to be honest, he must have tried 10 different things :s

If you haven't solved it yet, I'll try and ask him, might take me a bit to post it, I'm in the middle of exams/finals/whatever you want to call them.
First off turn off any firewalls.

Go to your home page and type in to the search bar

Edit: Remembered something

Normally the username is admin and the password is "blank"( as in nothing is typed ).

In there you should have firewall settings to check somewhere.

Ensure you have set the wireless to ping your router too.

When I sober up I'll check it out again and let you know a bit better than this.
(just emailed myself to let me know about this) :cheers:

I'm too ****** to type any more and I'm not making any sense.

See you tomorrow :zzz: