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Ireland to train at Croke Park


An Tarbh

It has been anounced today that Ireland will get 2 training sessions at Croke Park at the end of January to familiarise themselves with the ground ahead of the 2 6N matches next season.

It was feared that the Irish team would get no time on the pitch ahead of the 6N given the fact that Dublin face Tyrone in the first game under floodlights at the Northside venue but Nicky Brennan, GAA President, confirmed there would be 2 sessions and that the FAI, who had been refused a session due to a clash with the Dublin match could get a session at an alternative date.

There will also be training sessions in the week of the 2 6N matches.

It's just given the fact that the GAA have been quite precious about the access that this is actually news, but welcome nonetheless.
The atmosphere at Páirc an Chrócaigh is going to be awesome... I'm actually kinda sad Wales aren't playing Ireland away next year.

Isn't the field for Gaelic Games really big though? Are they just going to go for a huge rugby pitch or will the fans be quite far from the action?

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