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Ireland v Australia - 19.11.22

EZ, put our name on the World Cup now....... Easily the worst game of rugby I've had the misfortune of seeing since god was a boy.
Ireland struggled for much of the match. Especially given the fiasco in Cardiff today, it does make me worry about Wales' match next week.
Weird series, I think we played a bit **** across the three games to be honest. Very little cohesion in attack resulted in little to no penetration. Discipline wasn't where it has been either. We kept up our intensity and that won us three games that were a lot closer than they should have been.

The six nations will show us if we can sustain this level of performance, anything short of a grand slam is a failure given we have France and England at home. If we can pull that out of the bag I'll start backing us as the team to beat in the world cup, currently France and SA look better equipped and you can add a lot of other teams to that list if Sexton isn't available.
Hopefully getting serious gametime to Crowley, Casey, McCarthy and O'Brien will stand to us.
A bit more like the Wallabies I was expecting to see this test window, a step up from their disappointing showing at the RC.

I guess the Irish 10 situation is fully resolved and will in no way bite them in on the backside at the RWC now that a young lad got a run out due to injuries and Ross Byrne made a match winning kick that was slightly tricky. :p
I consider November a success. Serious time got for fringe lads and while performance was mixed itllbe long term benefit. Sexton can't play every game so we need thers to ensure when Sexton plays it is him fresh.
Alot of depth and competition now. Realistically 3 centres will go plus a 10 who can play 12. McCloskey did well I thought but will he move other 3.
In forwards we learned alot too.
And didn't play great but was still 3 from 3. Winning is a habit and hopefully 6Nations continues this curve

McCloskey, went from out of the picture to first in line in the event of an injury to any of the three front liners.

Timoney, arguably should have benched yesterday, had a great game v Fiji.

Crowley, established at third choice and possibly second - he needs to fight like **** in Munster to get big starts.

Big bad Jimbo, wasn't good yesterday but showed his willingness to get involved and had two strong showings in his weaker positions, probably jumped Larmour and Balacoune for that last spot on the plane.

Farrell, his teams showed a lot of guts which is rare for misfiring Ireland teams but he can give them the hairdryer treatment a little bit, they weren't up to standard and it is worrying that our gameplay looks like it's reverting to being very outfall reliant which we'd moved away from.

JGP, without really playing well he distanced himself from the chasers.

Me, because I had tickets for all three games but ended up only being able to go to the South Africa one.


Every other Ulster player in contention for a spot. Lowry could be dusht and Balacoune might have to wait til after the world cup for another go! Maybe not Stockdale but even Henderson has Joe McCarthy sniffing around with his big man baby shnozzer.

Would have included Conan in this but he was an improvement on POM yesterday and stopped the rot.

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