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It's like working in Nazi Germany


St Helens RLFC

So... what great plans do Her Majester's Revenue and Customs up their sleeve for us civil servants now?

Uniform desks, that's what. The LEAP Forward scheme intends to standardise desks in HMRC offices, using black selotape to mark out where everything should be, such as keyboards, and making people remove any photos or objects that may personalise their working space. This has been reported in one of the national newspapers today.

And is it any wonder morale has never been so low? The civil service is dying, and it's all because of the morons at the top introducing stupid ideas like this. We're out on strike at the end of the month as it is, if they try and implement this there will be an indefinite strike. Chaos for the whole country.

I thought working for the civil service would be great. How wrong I was.
I am so f***ing ****** off, my work are treating me like absolute crap, then now they announce in front of an entire office that I am gonna be 'demoted' to a Help Desk Guy no longer a trainee DBA, so basically they are gonna keep me on a **** wage, and not use my degree which they have paid for, because of a work obsessed ****** who hates giving any information up to train me, who has nothing better to do in his work than watch what everyone has been doing, and then trying to prove them wrong... The f***ing place is a joke... and I am looking for a new job as of now!!!
My mum works for the Civil Service here and a while back they decided the phone bill was too big so they set it up so that office mobile phones were only able to make calls 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday to Friday. It really screwed over people like my mum as she sometimes works Saturdays and so forth as well as the fact that technically all civil servants are on call at any time.
However the scheme was abandoned with no explanation after only a few weeks.
Of course the crazy plan to move them all over the country persists.

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