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James Corden is a window licking jamook


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Nov 9, 2005
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St Helens
He's not done anything to upset me recently other than exist, but that's reason enough. Complete, total and utter whopper.

I like him - though that's probably just because Gavin & Stacey is amazing.
Same. It's on BBC3 now. Get it on, **** is kicking off!
*rolls up sleeves*

It's probably particularly funny to the Welsh contingent, and each to their own and all that, but it's not even made me so much as smile. It doesn't help that I can't stand Rob Brydon.
It doesn't help that I can't stand Rob Brydon.
Thems fightin words!
He was good in Gavin and Stacey and his thing for SPOTY was funny but he just seems to be everywhere at the moment so I'm a bit fed up. Plus that sketch show they had on BBC was pants, skidmarrked y-front style pants.

Plus I've been told I look like him :(
He is ok.

I don't think that World Cup show did him any favours, was annoying to watch.
I think the World Cup show was just rubbish in general, he knew that and just laughed his way through it. Abby Clancy, although being full-on MINT, should not be allowed to speak.
I think all celebrities should be banned from getting their own TV shows.
There's something about women with Scouse accents.

That makes me want to shoot them in the face.
I have to agree with the St. Helens dude, sorry Cyril. I think that's because in my nine years of being in the UK, never once have I seen something so bad. Then again, I ******* hate BBC3. Alot of the stuff I see on there and think "Is this channel like...a test tube for all the shite the BBC don't wanna show on their real channels?".

In terms of Mr. Corden. As we'd say in Portugal...ele é um escroto maciço. You can switch the word "escroto" for any English swear word you fancy.

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