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June release

yea i thought the latast they wud hav eleased a demo wud be in this months PS2 magazine but it hasnt cum aound... the wait and that much longe... only 15 moe sleeps till it cumz out... i hope they do one of those mid nite eleases like they did 4 GTA:SA on like the 16th!!!! that'd b da bomb!!!!

as u can see the letter between the E and T on my keyboard isnt working.... actually just noticed its working again... cant be bothered correcting the post... haha
Originally posted by kinkon89@Mar 2 2005, 04:28 PM

if they have a midnight sale....whose going?
I'll be going for sure. Probly camp outside the shop!!!!
But if there is a demo coming out, tomorrow will be the day it cums out. My old man delivers magazines (ps2, xbox.........hustler!!), to shops and he said that most ps2 mags cum out tomorrow!! I told him to look out for a demo mag, and steal it if it has RUGBY 2005 on it!!!!! So fingers crossed xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Originally posted by ..::ERIC::..@Mar 1 2005, 05:42 PM
Kinkon, please. Slow down and take some time to think about your posts. Most of them are really anoying, in the way that you don't write the correct words or just don't spell right. I'm not saying that you have to be gramaticly correct all the time, because chances are I spelt gramaticly wrong. Its just that reading things like "mate they are alot of release dates! k mate! " just seems to get on my nerves. Sorry if you get offended just letting you know how I feel
100% Eric. Goddamn i've been thinking along those lines for a long time, 80% of his posts are something along the lines of

"lol kewl !!1!1"

"lol u got shamed !!"

Well maybe not exactly but you get the idea. Its not much suprise 405 posts already.
sorry im very sorry if i offended anyone im very truely sorry....................................very sorry
I saw and advert at CNA this morning and they said that the game would be available at selected stores from this weekend!!!???

I don't know anymore!

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