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Leeds Tykes


Rob The Titan

The Sarries big-wigs who conspire to form a closed shop to protect their own interests.

It all stems from the fact that (yes, I know they're doing well this season) they're often in relegation trouble and they fell they should be immune from it because they've spent a lot of money, which I'm sure you'll agree is twaddle. If a team's not good enough then they would only have themselves to blame and relegation is the punishment, a sentiment echoed by the Saints coaching staff when they were in quite serious trouble for a while last season.

Norhtern Lad

PS. Would imagine I'll be at the cup game on the 20th, went to both our play-off games at Goldington Road and the atmosphere was brilliant! Which is more than can be said at certain grounds where 5000 folk are shoved in the corner of a large football stadium..... hope both teams are at full strength, got a feeling we'll rest a few

Look forward to it. Hope its a different result particularly if you field a second string.
Why is that by the way? Are you still gunning for top spot?

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