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Leeds vs Warrington - SuperLeague Semi Final 1


'Ark at ee mun!
Sep 15, 2008
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Think it's going to be a cracking game. Leeds will start as underdogs which is testament to what Warrington have done in the last season or two. I think Warrington will win this one but only just. 28 - 26 to the Wolves. Who else is going to be watching?
Going to be flicking between it and the Worcester/Northampton match

I'd dearly love to see a Leeds vs St Helens GF

Don't like Warrington or Wigan, especially the fans
Leeds 24-18 up with 15 or so left.

All the momentum with Leeds, Wolves look shellshocked as Leeds score 2 tries in double quick time.
Great end to the match

Was the right call for the penalty, and thank God it went over :D

Now for Saints to beat Wigan...

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