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Lomu In Talks With 2 Clubs



Looks like Lomu could be playing up north in england. would be massive for europe as they love him up there and if he stays healthy should draw large crowds.

from tvnz.co.nz

Lomu talking to English clubs

Former All Black winger Jonah Lomu has revealed he is in talks with two English clubs over a possible move.

Lomu says with the season in New Zealand ending soon he's looking for regular rugby in the off-season and he's been talking to a couple of English clubs.
then will he be coming back after that to play in nz again?

i think he is past it anyway
yeah I think the plan is to play in europe in the off season and then come back for the npc. Lomu would like a super 14 contract but that seems unlikely since he hasn't played in the npc he would need special depsenation.
yea i don't think he would make it in the super 14 at this stage, he would have had to play some pretty good rugby to get in. and i dont see him getting in there with the current blues backs
i dont see him in the super14 at all with all the wingers nowadays

hopefully he can pull a rabbit outta his big thighs and suprise us
I really don't know who would take the risk in signing him, but I'm preying Saints aren't one of the clubs interested.
70 Year Old Jonah > Whatever wings you lot have (Cohen still sucking harder then ever in Saints Colors?)
Originally posted by Ripper@Sep 29 2005, 07:22 AM
70 Year Old Jonah > Whatever wings you lot have (Cohen still sucking harder then ever in Saints Colors?)
Cohen getting back to form + Lamont, Scottish international winger + Rudd, nicknamed 'Rhino' for good reason + Diggin, home-grown pocket rocket.

I would rather have any of those than Lomu in his current state.

At his peak he was the best in the world, but now he would be too much of a risk to sign.
Signing Lomu would be like bringing Zin Zan Brooke out of retirement.

i.e. Worth f*** all, except for the celebrity status.
Originally posted by loratadine@Sep 29 2005, 08:03 PM
how can you possibly say that, we havent seen him play for two years.
Exactly. You haven't seen Zinzan play for years either.
Originally posted by loratadine@Sep 29 2005, 09:03 AM
how can you possibly say that, we havent seen him play for two years.
That's the whole point. He hasn't played for two years. With salary caps the way they are, I don't see what club in their club in their right mind is going to splash out a big money contract on a man with whom there is such a big risk of injury, or just not being anywhere near as good as he used to.
we have seen him play in the last two years dummy

and that was once and it wasnt a very gud performance....hes gettin too old for this..shud focus on his family and his health..i mean hes been divorced more times then me????...
Farrell and Lomu?

Sarries will be f***ed!
Got to think that age, health and ring-rust are notgoing to be on his side. He played, what, half a testimonial game in two years, and got injured in that. He'll still be a big name draw, because he's basically rugby union's first global superstar, but to think he'll make a real contribution to nay team is a bit short-sighted in my opinion.
********; Kick the ball over his head and he's more f***ed than a chav in a biker bar.
thats crap teh mite you havent seen him play so you cant say if hes still got it, for all you know he could be better.

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