Lomu To Play Next Sat

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by woosaah, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    Lomu to play next sat

    I hope he doesn't break something again, though there is no way he will get up to the standard that he was at
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  3. cant wait..gonna be really interesting to see him take up a real rugby game again

    all gud
  4. loratadine

    loratadine Guest

    jonah lomu was never as prolific as people made out, he was a tad overhyped, but still none the less a terrific talent.
  5. heres an article from the herald:

    Lomu comeback bid gets a leg up from Linford

    By Dylan Cleaver and Stephen Cook

    Former Olympic sprint champion Linford Christie has offered to help Jonah Lomu resurrect his rugby career.

    Lomu has identified speed as his major area of concern as he looks to make a meaningful comeback from the shoulder injury that marked his return from a kidney transplant.

    He forged a friendship with the Olympic gold medallist in 2002 after racing him over 60m as a promotion for the Manchester Commonwealth Games.

    Lomu confirmed that Christie, an athletics coach in the United Kingdom, had contacted him and offered to assist with his training. Christie's most famous sprint pupil has been British sprinter Darren Campbell, who won silver at the Sydney Olympics in the 200m and gold at Athens as part of Britain's 4x100m relay team.

    While nothing formal had yet been arranged with Christie, Lomu did say yesterday he had also met Campbell and was planning to do some sprint training with him over the next fortnight.

    Lomu wants to recapture some of the speed that, along with his devastating strength, made him the world's foremost attacking player.

    Lomu's much-anticipated debut for the Cardiff Blues has been tentatively mooted as the December 10 Heineken Cup match against Italian side Calvisano.

    He had hoped to play in this weekend's game against London Irish but was ruled out.

    Lomu said he was "feeling great" and "very relaxed".

    He couldn't wait to get back on the park and was enjoying being part of a team environment again.

    Blues coach Dai Young said he was impressed with Lomu's work ethic and the way he had fitted into the Cardiff set-up.

    "Jonah has been working hard on his fitness and we will be picking up the contact levels with him this week," said Blues coach Dai Young. "He might be ready for next week. If he doesn't make the first Calvisano game, he'll definitely make the second one."

    The 30-year-old Lomu scored 37 tries in 63 tests and Christie comes with a similar pedigree in his chosen sport of sprinting. He was crowned European champion in 1986 and awarded silver at the Seoul Olympics following Ben Johnson's disqualification for doping.

    Four years later in Barcelona he went one better, winning gold ahead of Frankie Fredericks. His Olympic career ended at Atlanta in 1996 when he was disqualified for two false starts and staged a sit-in protest on the track.

    Christie's career has not escaped a certain degree of tainting.

    His urine sample following the 1988 Olympics was found to have traces of banned metabolites but his explanation was accepted. In 1999 he was banned by the IAAF after testing positive for nandrolone.


    he WONT ever return with the fantastic speed he had when he was 19-23
    but this will diffinetly help his confidence

    go linford and lomu
  6. umosay

    umosay Guest

    Take a hint... not prolific my arse! Most prolific of them all (even with all his problems). Did you actually watch the 95 or 99 WC's? Or if you will, tell me another player (let alone winger) that can knock a prop unconcious through brute force.


    Lomu was amazing, and if anyone has watched his Doco you would know how many players and coaches thank him for puting the Game out there, in other words making the game of Rugby world wide.

    Some of the HS footage and early NPC footage he has too is just sick, The guy is a legend.
  8. Presumably Shane Williams would take Lomu any day of the week... [​IMG]
  9. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest


    Run straight over him!


  10. hahahaha....shane williams is proberly the same size as lomus big toe
  11. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    12 months ago he could have...Maybe.
  12. loratadine

    loratadine Guest

    ha ha ha - god this forums gone to the dogs, the once funny guys, are now nothing more then z list comedians, come on guys please do better than that

    be different - unique

    i said that lomu is a terrific talent but still a little overhyped - which in my opinion he is - just look at his try scoring record to say - cullen or rocko or howlett.


    Tries have nothing to do with it. No one in the world will ever repeat what he did maby in 100yrs. The things he was able to do. Watch the S12 in 96, or 200 with the Hurricanes. His HS footage, The guy is amazing, Rokocoko, Cullen, and Howlett couldnt knock over 3 guys with 2 on their backs.

    When he dominated the game, He was focused on so much, Like Piennar said,"LOMU has never scored a test try against the Springboks, That just shows the Awesome respect we have for him". He said during the 95 RWC all the focus was on how to stop Jonah.

    Wayne Smith started making little plans in 2000 to try and give Jonah Room, Like that centers maul out to Lomu move they use to do so often, That was because every team focused on not giving Lomu any room.

    I dont think anyone has so many Individual tries, Look at '99 against France, the rest of the players had nothing to do with him scoring those two tries against France.

    Lomu was awesome and with the Ball in hand the greatest Rugby player to ever grace this earth.
  14. esoj

    esoj Guest

    Lomu is one of the greatest players ever to play the game. I doubt he will make it back to the abs but just maybe he might show glimspes of his former self
  15. its not how many tries you score, its when you do it. if lets say rico gear scores 3 tries against wales or something, that doesnt really mean ****, because that was only half as many that the all blacks scored in total, and we only needed one try to win it, because wales only scored 3 points - so that doesnt mean rico is the best winger in the world does it?

    but if someone breaks 3 tackles and dives over the tri line to win a game, in the world cup that means something more.

    also, when he was on form, he was just a joy to watch. how great is it when he gets the ball, fends some pommy prick off, then pushes one over and stamps on him with his size 20 boot and then slams the ball on the grass. its great stuff!
  16. loratadine

    loratadine Guest

    yeah very good points
  17. The guy's been in a wheelchair!

    Someone like Howlett should be quite embarrassed if he can't score more tires than a player who hasn't been on the pitch for years.

    Lomu bounced off props for fun. That isn't overhyped, it's brutal.


    Well Howlett did reach 37 tries in fewer Tests in Lomu, But that might be because teams focused on his so much after awhile and still had trouble.

    With the ball in hand he was the greatest player EVER to grace this earth. People should give him credit for what hes doing, So what if hes trying thats how everyoe started in the 1st place trying so hard to get to there dream of playing for the ALL BLACKS.

    Where is the harm , what IS wrong with trying to become an ALL BLACK again??



    Lomu's latest pic. Well I can say he looks healthier, But I was expecting him to be in better shape.
  20. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    DAmn, for xomone in his early 30's he's looking old.
  21. josh9

    josh9 Guest

    all rugby players look older than they are they seem to age soo fast especially those in the tight five. Just lookj at Peter Clohessy hes actually under 40, same with martin johnson and jason leonard. Anyway the All blacks are at a time when they couldn't need Lomu less in terms of at least 4 quality winger up for selection. Anyway if Lomu gets back to half of what he used to be then i hope and think he should be back as an All Black and maybe in the centre [​IMG] Lomu on crash ball. OMG!!!!!!
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