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Madden 08 updated roster



With madden due out very shortly just wondering if anyone wants to make a roster update.
I know Daunte plays for the Raiders instead of the dolphins now but that is about all i know, so if
someone could post up the changes on release day that would be good.
EA usually release the next roster update just before the start of Week 1 usually.

I don't know how out of date the roster will be...I know Mike Alstott is on IR. Gerard Warren is set to be shipped out of Denver (and Warrick Holdman and Eddie Moore have been released due to injuries). Corey Simon was axed by Indy. Oh, and Mike Vick will probably get torn to pieces by alsatians in the near future.
The roster updates only available for Xbox 360 and Ps3. Some changes happen. Injuries ,cut.

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