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Madden Review (next gen)



whats the game like on the wii?

cause i am still thinkin about the wii even though the 360 is cheaper :)

though i might go to 360, i want a decent cricket game on it though.

i love madden and still play 06 every now and again :) [/b]

I am tempted to get madden 08 to see how a decent sports game goes on the wii and madden is proabbly the closest thing to rugby on the console. how hard is it too pick up the basics of the game etc for a relatively new player? My play time is limted to a few demos a bit of playtime of 04 or so at a party on the ps2. other sport games are coming later this month for the wii but I think madden is proabbly the best one to judge as it is proabbly the benchmark of all the ea sports games etc.

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