Mallinder commits to Saints until 2013

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    Northampton boss Jim Mallinder has signed a new two-year deal extension that will keep him at Saints until 2013.

    Saints are already on a high after their strong campaign start to both the Heineken Cup and Guinness Premiership. And Chief Executive Allan Robson did not hesitate in tying in his man.

    "Jim has turned the team around in his two-and-a-half years here and the Board and I believe he is in the process of building something very special," said Robson.

    "We wanted to ensure that this can continue, which is why we offered him a contract extension and are delighted he has signed it. I believe all the club's supporters will be as happy as we are that Jim has committed himself to the Saints for at least a further two years.

    "He has built a team that is playing stylish and successful rugby and is building on the foundations laid over the past two-and-a-half years. Northampton Saints is a club that is hungry for success, on and off the field, and we believe that Jim can continue delivering this in the near future."


    The RFU can now f-off when they want the next yes-man replacement for Johnson! :D
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