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Manhunt 2 Unbanned!



Due to the fact that the last few weeks ratings of The Week That Was have been lacklustre, and the fact that my 360 is finally back (gamertag's Zonerunner by the way, thanks for asking), AND the fact that I nearly broke my arm earlier (what can I say, i'm clumsy), i've decided I can't be arsed to do one this week.

But that shouldn't stop me from bringing you this interesting tidbit! Apparently Rockstar re-submitted a modified version of Manhunt 2 to the ESRB - which netted them a M rating, making it fit for consumption on PS2, PSP and Wii in the US, where it'll now be released on October 31st. Oh, how convenient.

I'm pretty sure Rockstar will resubmit this altered version to the BBFC for their UK audience, but will they give it the 18 certificate they seek? Speculate at your leisure, folks!

SOURCE: Take 2 Games
I wonder if they used shadow violence to get the game to get it approved?

N.B. Shadow violence is when you don't actually see something horrific happening, rather the camera pans to the wall & you see the violence that way (just like in the movies. I would also like to add that I just made up shadow violence.
If you live in Holland, you may now partake in Manhunt 2-related activities as it has been authorised for release over there, making it the first European country so far to do so.

According to the Dutch Ministry, intervening the ***le's path to retail would conflict with current Netherlands law, though the law will still allow prosecution of those who sell the game to under-16's.

Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin said that his ministry was now looking into whether new laws are required "to better protect the youth" and used the opportunity to plead for a unified EU standard on video game ratings. I figured that was what PEGI was for, but... *shrugs*


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