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An Tarbh

Was just wondering what everyone thought about this? Is there the interest for individual match threads or should we just keep them all together in the one thread. If a Celtic league section is going to work then it's probably better to have individual match threads and post other news threads separately as well, so what do we think?
But are there enough Magners League supporters? I mean threads of Glasgow and Connacht would be pretty pointless as there are no supporters on these boardas.
But if we have it then it may increase the number plus I am sure people will comment, we dont have any known supporters of Worcester on the boards, but we still do threads for them as we are a Rugby Forum..... its like the Air New Zealand Cup we dont have supporters of each but the threads do work for them....
It will be good to have individual, it will mean that other people who have watched the game can give their opinion on what they saw

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