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    MGS4 has been named and seen this isn't recent news,but I havnt seen it posted up here,It's not a game site so maby ppl just didnt bother,but for people who havnt seen it,It's been named Guns of the Patriots.

    Now Hideo Kojima is not known for pulling out strings and faking a video for hype,he says these are pre rendered and this is what you will see come the release for ps3

    Some Quotes-"In the past, buildings in games were similar to those found on movie or stage sets and were merely pictures or photographs of wall-material pasted on the surface of a polygon model. The characters created on infinitesimally thin boards were also devoid of any signs of inner flesh, blood, or heart."

    "With next-generation hardware, Hideo Kojima intends to undertake the task of creating the inner qualities of these elements. When objects break, the sound generated from the breakage differs according to the weight and hardness of the object"

    "With the fourth installment of the MGS series, the storyline is once again set in the near future. The next-generation PlayStation 3 platform will be infiltrated by an all-star cast and loaded with shocking new scenerios. The secret behind winning the warfare of the next-gen is not found in any "place" but rather in "Sense." "
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  3. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    I may go in about 10 minutes to go hire MGS4. Is it worth getting out or is more of the same old same old?


    MGS4 wont be comming out for like two years,those graphics were azmazing I thought,and when it does come out it should be better then the 1st MGS.
  5. Bit old that footage, but boy does it look good. I would hope that it continues the story from where MGS2 left off.
  6. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    Sorry. I meat to say a couple of posta earlier that I was going to go and hire out MGS3 something about a snake. But in the end I didn't. Got the faithful FN2 while my brother hired out Juice.


    NOpe my bad I should have been smart enough to realise no one would have a PS3 yet.

    Well the game was pretty good,I enjoyed it,But im afraid its pretty much the same as MGS2 just more space to move around,and the Camo mode for blending in with your enviroment.


    sorry i think i may have posted the wrong link ill be back to edit to post with the new vid.
  9. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    If your a fan of the other MGS titles GG, then MGS3 is more than worth your time! It's probably the best game on PS2 in fact. I kept clear of it for a while due to the hype surrounding it, but then decided to hire it out a couple months ago to give it a go, and it completely blew my expectations out of the water! While it's not a massive departure from the series style, there are a number of astonishingly well thought out innovations and tactical options not seen in the series before... the game is set in a Russian jungle near a research facility in the 60's during the cold war. I ended up playing through this game several times due to it's highly engaging nature and probably had more fun with it than I have any other game this year. Needless to say, after I hired it I went out and bought it. It's definately a keeper. A significant jump from MGS2.

  10. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    MGS2 was a disapointment in my opinion.

    Sure, the actual game was the best I had ever played - I f***ING HATE THAT LITTLE JAP WEINER, PUSSY RAIDEN!

    anyone seen the MGS4 First Impressions Trailer?

    Solid Snake is back... or should I say Grandpa Snake.
  11. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    Well thats settled then. MGS3 is the next game to hire on my list.
  12. Ripper

    Ripper Guest


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  13. That's Big Boss imo.
  14. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

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