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Mike Gibson Discussion

Absolutely phenomenal player, when someone gets the level of praise and admiration that he did after the 71 NZ tour then you know you're talking about the real deal.

When you see him running with the ball you know you're watching someone special and such a versatile player as well.

Definite yes for me.
the best irish player by a mile, the only back who could have walked into the welsh side.
yes but seeing tht the welsh were the best team in the 70's i said them.

no bias at all.
interesting claim considering they only played the All Blacks twice, losing both times.
haha, dont be silly, both times we were the better side, just unlucky in 72, and robbed in 78.

we were the most dominant side in the 70's

the nz side aint remembered for being one of the greatets of all time, the welsh side of the 70's is up there with the early sprinboks, and the invincibles
The invincables are only remembered for their shitty version of the haka though, not for being particularly good.

New Zealand became a rugby super power at the same time as the All Blacks' inception.
haha yes the haka, i love watching the haka in the 70's its f***ing weired.

they all look stoned
All in all this guy should be a shu in.................I can only presume that many members here have never seen footage of him playing, or have any prior knowledge of him at all?

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