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Mobile friendly TRF



Now I've got a mobile that has colour and does loads of nifty stuff (I can annoy Matt like 24/7 now on MSN, the only respites for him are when I go on the Underground :bleh!: ) I find a problem.

I need my TRF fix. Sadly, I cannot get my TRF fix because there are a couple of problems with loading the site. Basically it just takes really long to load on a mobile. I know that with this kind of forum you can select a "lo-fi" version of the site for those with slow connections but this would be absolutely perfect for those with mobile phones out and about who want to mock Northampton.
This is something I wanna look into... I shall have a look if I get a chance...
I have managed to post a comment on the PSP. It took bloody ages to load, so I can understand the frustration. A lo-fi version would probably have to be without sigs or avatars, otherwise it will take alot of the time loading the images.