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More footage?

Do you want me to post some footage of my demo?

  • Yeh, I cannot get enough of Rugby 2005

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Always room for more footage after the big UK release disappointment today...
Hmmmm... me neither! Anybody? You all know you want to host it...

[Edit] Would be nice to see someone else playing the game... maybe show locks how it's done... (joking- just trying to bring out that rage we saw with the whole flanker no 7 incident!)
JJ? I just need somewhere to post this video, it is only 8mb, contains me scoring a great try with great phase play
well for those of us without a demo more footage would be nice if its not too much trouble especailly if it comes from other people like sean43
I am sending it now, this video is not the best quality but it shows the fast paced action and some great phase play. I will use my other camera now to give a great quality video!
ok, as you all know i aint the brightest,so where are you sending it tooo
where will i be able to download it from
when will i be able to download it
No. Big files can be sent through MSN.

Otherwise send it through gmail, it can have big files.
I am having trouble sending it to umosay on msn. If I can find my webspace with tiscali I will post the videos up.

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