NCAA Football 2006 season

Discussion in 'All Other Sports' started by USArugger, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. USArugger

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    Share your thoughts on this year's season. Who is the best team? Who is the Heisman favorite? Who looked good and who didn't? What team do you really hate... Whatever...
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  3. fcukernaut

    fcukernaut Guest

    First of all Brady Quinn is the heisman favourite. Does he deserve it? No, but he's still the favourite. He just happens to play for ND, the most over-hyped and has the most media coverage. Hell they even have their own national TV deal with NBC. He also is a good looking guy, is white, has an NFL coach and has some media savvy-ness. The only real downside he has is that is his team plays the hardest schedule in the nation, so they'll more than likely end the year 9-3. Last time i checked it's not good enough to get you into the NC game and therefor you don't win the heisman.

    The true heisman candidates are either Adrian Peterson of Oklahoma and Troy Smith from ohio st.

    Peterson is a great talent. he'll rush for maybe 2000 yards this year, probably closer to 1800 and will have somewhere between 15-18 tds. If his team can beat texas and texas A&M then they're home free and he'll take the heisman. However they'll probably lose at least one game and maybe even get upset in the championship game. A 11-1 record will be good enough to win the heisman unless....

    ...Troy Smith leads OSU to a 11-0 record and tosses 3500+ yards and 45+ Td's. Plus whatever he gets on the ground. He also has the benefit of playing for a school that gets a lot of attention, so that will help his cause. Let's not forget OSU is #1 in the nation. If there is one slip up along the way, his heisman hopes may go with it.

    Some guys do have outside shots at this if their teams perform. Booty from USC could be a heisman candidate if his team goes undefeated. He has the weapons around him to be successful and put up heisman-esque numbers. He has the best receiving tandem in the nation, including the best widereceiver in Dwayne Jarret. Also don't count out steve slaton from West Virginia. If WV sweep the big east he could be in line for the heisman with the numbers he could put up.

    After OSU gave texas a smacking they are without a doubt the cream of the crop. High offensive production and pretty good defence. They'll need that defence to be consistent though. If they play a high octane team with a real Qb, they could be in trouble. If they sweep the table and WV sweeps the table it could be an ugly championship game. By that i mean it would be a blowout for OSU, but it also wouldn't shock me if WV kept it close until late in the 4th Q.

    Auburn looks pretty damn good as well. They have one of the best backs in the nation behind a very solid O-line and probably the best defence in the country. They could turn a NC game with OSU into a dog fight. But it probably won't happen with the number of hurdles they have to get over in the powerful SEC. The conference is just too strong and has a championship game.

    I haven't seen much from USC simply because they've only played one game and it wasn't televised in my area. However they did put 50 points on arkansas. Sure Arkansas aren't exactly a powerhouse at the moment but they're not North East Oklahoma St A&M either. As i've said before they have the best WR's and a high calibre Qb. This offence is as potent if not more so than OSU and in a NC game would be outstanding to see, much like last years. Of course that brings me to their downside. They don't play much defence. This could kill them if their offence struggles at anypoint, we'll have to wait and see on that. Big matchup this weekend against Nebraska. The Cornhuskers are on their way up, we'll see how they go.

    Oregon looked solid in their first outing as well. Very good runningback and a solid defence. That's a lethal combination. They also have a mobile Qb, who is pretty good and playing in the spread offence. Although they have a pretty good defence they'll still be in a fair few shootouts this year.
  4. DC

    DC Guest

    OSU + Ginny + Smithy + Pittman + Wells + Lauranitis + Gonzo - Michigan - Texas = National Champions 2006/2007 :D

    nothin else matters to me

    just my beloved ohio state buckeyes!
  5. Confused

    Confused Guest

    Nice thorough analysis fcukernaut.

    tOSU is good. I will give you that. Because of that both Ginn and Smith have Heisman shots.

    tOSU has to play the Big Ten Schedule. Almost every game is a landmine. It is very rare for a team to get through the conference without a loss.

    tOSU has a shot. The Notre Dame/USC game may determine their opponent. Although unlikely, one of four teams (Tenn/UGA/UF/LSU) could emerge unscathed in the SEC. The title game makes it harder.

    Heisman is too hard to predict this year.

    1) you have to get through the season without getting hurt
    2) your team has to do well

    -A million other guys...
  6. fcukernaut

    fcukernaut Guest

    I don't think Ginn has a legitimate heisman shot. First off in the history of the heisman trophy i believe there has only been 2 widereceivers to win it. Tim brown from ND and Howard who played for Michigan(i know you're proud of that one DC :p ) Now he has to play with another heisman candidate in Smith. He won't be able to get enough votes to be eligible for the win and smith will take most of them away. Also he probably won't win WR of the Year. That honour will go to Jarret of SC or jsfdkskfs from ND(even though he blows).

    As for their schedule, well it's a joke to be fully honest. Having played texas already their next ranked opponent is Penn St. who are garbage because no one was coming back from the team last year which was overated in the first place. Hell they may not even be in the top 25 come 2 weeks from now. After that they play Iowa away. That'll be the toughest game on the schedule if Tate is healthy. Watch for the upset(blah, blah, blah, shut your mouth DC you are the most single narrow minded biased person i have ever come contact with, it is a distinct possiblity). After that they have a bunch of laughers until they play Michigan in the big house. this could also be a huge upset simply because they're going to michigan, but mich is overated and will lose by 10.

    That's fairly unlikely as ND will already have 1 or 2 losses at that point. Michigan and michigan st will provide fairly significant opposition and UCLA won't be too shabby either. I actually thought ND had a harder schedule than they did but i had just seen the start of their season, the whole back half is a joke. they don't deserve a major bowl even if they finish 12-0 or 11-1. As for the ND/SC game. Well i believe SC wins this comfortably at home by somewhere between 10-17 points.

    SC has a pretty harsh schedule as well. Luckily though all the "landmine" games are played at home. Those games being Nebraska, Arizona st, Oregon, Cal(better than they've showed) and ND. Might want to watch out for Arizona on the road. If they become complacent an upset might be in the making.

    Ignore what tennesse did to Cal. it was an anomaly and was played at home infront of 110,000 people, the only place they can win in THE most intimidating place to play in the nation. Georgia don't have a Qb therefor are done. Just look what Texas did with an inexperienced Qb on the weekend. Florida? Yeah maybe they pull out an undefeated season but i doubt it. They play tenn. on the road which has provided upsets in the past as said above, it's very difficult to play in. They play LSU at home and then they have to go to Auburn which is a garunteed loss IMO. No one finishes undefeated in this conference except maybe Auburn should they beat LSU at home this weekend.
  7. Confused

    Confused Guest

    I should have included Auburn in the undefeated possibilities.

    I like your confidence but I would not call too many games in the Big Ten "laughers". MSU, Iowa, Minn, PSU, and Wiskey can end any team's unbeaten streak on any given Saturday. Don't bring your "A" game and you can go down. As a Gopher fan, I have seen the Gophers ruin undefeated seasons for Michigan, Iowa, PSU, and Wisconsin. Ask any of those teams and I guarantee they figured they had us licked. That is why they play the games. Hell we beat Iowa and Wiskey when we were 2-9...

    We will see....

    Quinn has the Heisman locked up. All he has to do is have a good season and not get hurt. It is sad but true. Playing at ND gets you all the breaks...
  8. fcukernaut

    fcukernaut Guest

    As we've seen from Penn St last week they are a joke. The were obliterated by an overated Notre Dame team. What's going to happen when they walk into the horseshoe and play a far superior team both offensively and defensively? It could get ugly. They'll win by 20 minium.

    Iowa? I said that was a game to watch out for. They then play bowling green. A MAC opponent not even worth mentioning.

    The next big ten team is michigan st. They just don't have the weapons to matchup offensively or defensively. It could get embarrasing theere. The only saving grace is that mich st. is playing at home.

    Indiana is next. That's a pummeling. We know for sure that is going to happen.

    Then your Gophers in the horseshoe. I'm not liking their chances even if they bring their 'A' game and OSU brings their 'b' game if you will.

    Then the illini. I'd like to say they have a shot but they don't. After that they go to Northwestern who don't have many starters back from last year and they just got spanked 34-17 to division 1AA New Hampshire. You can't lose to a division 1AA school let alone get spanked by them.

    Finally at the big house another massive game as i've said.
  9. DC

    DC Guest

    The only team i am somewhat afraid of in the entire college football is Auburn

    the only reason i am afraid of them is their speed

    i agree for the most part that ginn wont win the heisman this year but to be honest that doesnt kill me, troy smith will have another killer year and ohio state Ginn Gonzo combo is going to carry them to the NC game where they will win.

    i wouldnt consider iowa a laugher either i mean, OSU has a huge huge game against them on September 30 under the lights at Iowas stadium, but after watching them almost get dismantled by syracuse.. im not so sure about how tough this game is going to be

    michigan comes to ohio state this year which is always my favourite time of the year, who knows i got my tickets maybe ill be partying on the field with the tostitos this year when we make it to the NC... or maybe i can light some michigan fans cars on fire or start a fight.. all great possibilities! :D
  10. Confused

    Confused Guest

    "You can still make an NCAA thread but there will only be me and you posting in it..." -fcukernaut

  11. USArugger

    USArugger Guest

    Tough to make it through the Big Ten without a loss...
  12. fcukernaut

    fcukernaut Guest

    I will say this if any team makes it out of the SEC unscathed, they will be just if not better than OSU. The team that emerges will be playing smashmouth football(exception being the gators). They will run the ball and control the clock on offence and shut down on defence. The team will be equiped to handle the OSU offence, which means the OSU will have to force turnovers in the championship game.

    It's fact that ginn won't win the heisman but it shouldn't kill you. He'd have to have a better season than Reggie Bush had last year to win it. Which means lots of yards returning, a lot receiving, a fair few end arounds and of course big touchdown total. But he'll be competeting with Smith for it so that'll take a lot votes as well. It's just not realistic. Plus he's a junior isn't he?

    First of they didn't get dismantled. It was a low scoring, low yardage game. Iowa's defence was rock solid, it was their offence that wasn't on. And remember they were playing without Tate, their star Qb(who will also be a heisman candidate if they knock off OSU). I think it was mainly lack of offensive production and complacency that was the reason for their narrow victory.

    When you're getting tackled by riot police, give me a shout out.
  13. DC

    DC Guest

    You are aware that Syracuse has lost the last 11 now 12 games right... and them playing in the Big East doesnt make them have a tough schedule at all... Iowa cannot and will not beat Ohio State with one player (Tate) if they do they have to win as a team, and if anything the tough tough game they had against 'Cuse will show how much tate is really needed...
  14. fcukernaut

    fcukernaut Guest

    Yes i am aware that syracuse has lost a fair few on the trot, but to dismantle a team you must load up on yardage and points. that didn't happen. In fact it's the exact opposite. Iowa shut them down and if it weren't for the offensive futility they would have run away with the game.

    This isn't the NFL, one player can beat any team in the nation, provided they bring something significant to the team. In Tate's case he brings stability and balance. Without him they don't have a passing game. And if there is no threat of a pass then the opposition can key on the run and the team then becomes one dimensional. Without Tate they brought in a guy who is unfamiliar with the 1st team offence and is nothing more than a decent college backup.

    The same thing would happen if you take Troy Smith out of the OSU lineup. Sure Zwick is decent but he's not stellar. Just look to last year against Texas, he choked and was brutal. Would you trust him with the game on his shoulders? Hell no and so you turn to the running game and trick plays. I know for a fact that Antonio Pittman can't carry the load by himself without help from the passing game. He's just decent. Which would allow teams to pretty much shut down the run and shut down the pass. What i'm getting at is that one player may not beat a team but the domino effect he has on a game can.
  15. DC

    DC Guest

    pittman is just decent are you kidding me?!?!?!

    he's a great strong runner i'd watch for him this year and next year!

    watch chris wells also the number 1 recruit in the country last year, he looks very impressive, he's big quick and physical... maybe a great player here in the near future

    also ohio state signed the top dual threat QB in the country last year he's redshirting this year, but next year i hope he gets a chance to show us what he's all about, i'lll really miss troy smith at QB he's a legend.
  16. fcukernaut

    fcukernaut Guest

    I'm watching, but i'm not seeing anything spectacular. All i see is just a decent runner. He's not bad nor is he great. He definitly doesn't go in the top echelon of runningbacks in the ncaa. The list would be something like this:

    Creme of the Crop
    Adrian Peterson
    Marshawn Lynch
    Micheal Bush(if he were healthy)

    In between the creme and second tier
    Kenny Irons

    Second Tier
    Mike Hart
    Steve Slaton

    Third Tier
    Antonio Pittman
    Darius Walker
    Garret Wolfe

    I also like two other guys Ray Rice who plays for Rutgers and Ian Johnson who plays for Boise st. These two guys have impressed me big time. However there is no room for them on the board.

    I'm even tempted to move Wolfe into the second tier simply based on what he did against OSU. The only thing is that was the only game i've seen of him so i don't want that to cloud my judgement. I know you're going to say something about Hart but thats just because he plays for michigan and you're a biased buckeye fan. Slaton has proved a fair bit and i've seen enough of him to like what he has, however that could change at any point. Kenny Irons is a beast and is anchoring that Auburn team, he's a huge reason for thier success. And Lynch and Peterson are no brainers.

    BTW is Antonio Pittman related to the one that plays for the bucs?

    Well i wouldn't consider Smith a legend quite yet. Archie Griffin is a legend. Smith is just a very good player and depending how this year goes should determine how he's viewed in a historical context.
  17. Confused

    Confused Guest

    A legend? Hardly. Peyton Manning at Tennessee is a legend. Jim Plunkett, Mike Vick, etc... Troy Smith is no legend. A nice QB is what he is. Nothing more...

    That was a funny post...
  18. DC

    DC Guest

    mike vick legend? i think not..

    lemme just point out a few statistics here..

    Mike Vick
    2000 (Senior Year)
    Completion %: 54.0
    Yards Passing: 1234
    TD: 8
    Rush Attempts: 104
    Yards Rushing: 617
    Rushing TD: 8

    Troy Smith
    2005 (Junior Year)
    Completion %: 62.9
    Yards Passing: 2282
    TD: 16
    INT: 4
    Rush Attempts: 136
    Rushing Yards: 611
    Rushing TD: 11

    To be honest the numbers dont even compare

    final verdict

    Mike Vick < Troy Smith

    Granted ill give you that at the moment in time that Peyton Manning was a better QB than Troy because of the style he played, Troy was a scrambling QB with a deadly accurate arm, whereas Manning is a pocket passer with an accurate arm.. take your pic but i'd rather have Smithy running my offense.

    Yea, i agree, check out troy smiths projected totals for this year :) they look like huge numbers, Manning like actually

    ive noticed over the past few games though, that Troy has become less of a running QB, did you notice that to?
  19. fcukernaut

    fcukernaut Guest

    Vick was a legend at VT because of what his legs brought to the table, they were far greater than what Troy Smith has. That's not a knock on smith it's just that Vick had RB pace, smith is just a mobile qb. Vick also had a bigger arm, not more accurate or better but bigger. He well and truely earned his #1 overall selection.

    Manning not only had the accurate arm far greater than smiths but he also had a more powerful and a better mind. And don't take this a huge knock on smith at all. it is just how polished a qb manning came out of college as. He was so much better than every other qb in college it wasn't funny. He is just a far better pure passer accuracy, arm and mind. Smith has a bit of an extra demension with his wheels but manning is a far better player overall(minus his choking ability).

    I think he's just found that he doesn't need to run. He's become a better Qb and therefor doesn't need to take off all the time. Last year he wasn't seeing the game as well and this year he's just improved and the game is slowing down for him.
  20. Confused

    Confused Guest

    I stand by my original post. Smith is no legend. Many QBs have had obcene stats. It did not make them legends. Ask Detroit about drafting QBs with freak stats...

    Vick is a legend because he carried the team. Heck, Vince Young is far closer to a legend than Smith. Palmer and Matt L. at USC are not legends. Good QBs and that is it. Maybe Smith can become one, but he is not one...
  21. DC

    DC Guest

    Yea but let me ask you

    did vick ever win a national championship?
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