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Nelson Mandela passes away. R.I.P

Great Man in a Great Country, you served your country with pride and passion RIP Nelson Mandela.
Nelson Mandela came to the crease in the first innings as a young man when his team were in serious trouble but he eventually started to play with aggression and fight hitting everything that he could. He was finally out caught and given out on appeal.

After a long period off the field, he was justifiably promoted to open the second innings and played a very steady and long innings with patience, skill and tranquillity negotiating his way through a very difficult period with aplomb.

He has finally been given out caught by God and bowled by old age and coming off the pitch, at a time when he has left his team, South Africa, exceedingly well placed, he has been given a huge standing ovation and his innings will be long remembered and talked over around the world and he as one of the greatest ever..
Excellent tribute Tony but you forgot to mention he was also the 16th man in Rugby World Cup winning Squad.
I do not know any other modern, or non modern leader that did so much for their countries

R.I.P Madiba, person becoming legend when alive

It would have been easy to abolish the Springbok brand, as it was a symbol of apartheid. Nelson took the harder route and what he achieved was admirable. He may have started out as a militant, but his journey is inspiring, because he went through what he went through and came up with the right answers and led his country down the road towards togetherness. He is a fine role model. I think its worth looking at his entire life to appreciate just how extraordinary he was.
This is an amazing video:
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RIP Madiba, a big rugby supporter and a great political


Damn neighbours chopping onions again.

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