New Zealand 2011: Its all going wrong!

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by Prestwick, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    The NZRFU told the iRB in August that the 2011 Rugby World Cup is predicted to cost NZ$310 million to host and will generate NZ$280 million in ticket sales. This amounts to a NZ$30 million loss to be shouldered by the New Zealand government and the New Zealand RFU.

    Furthermore, due to an expected acute shortage of accomodation in Auckland, cruise ships will be used to house fans.

    What the hell is going on here?! Has any planning whatsoever gone into this project other than "quick, lets nab the World Cup"?! Didn't anyone think of the problems involved with housing a projected figure of 70,000 fans (an seriously optimistic figure considering that allot of Home Nations and North American fans will be probably compromising to save on going to the 2012 olympics instead).

    The entire running of this has been shambolic from the start, I seriously have to stop reading these 2011 RWC horror stories before I have a heart attack out of sheer rage at the iRB and the various fat cats of the top ten Unions content with keeping the game as a closed shop.

    I hear that England wants the 2015 RWC. Ho hum, I guess we'll have yet another rigged vote behind closed doors and yet another fiasco because as proved by the last few planning fiascos in the UK (The dome, the Scottish Parliament, Wembley Stadium, etc) we can't even build a tree house, let alone plan a Rugby World Cup.

    I. Am. So. Angry. Right. Now.
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  3. shazbooger

    shazbooger Guest

    How can you be angry about a tournament that is still four years away? or is it the one thats 8 years away thats really annoying you? ;)
  4. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    I'm angry because the whole process of choosing a destination for the 2011 tournament was completely rigged from the start in favour of the traditional top ten Unions (except Argentina).

    Japan put forward a superb bid and with excellent infrastructure and (despite the naysayers) a very enthusiastic and welcoming people and rugby audience but got muscled out by New Zealand who essentially bribed their way to getting enough votes.

    Japan are going to resubmit their bid for the 2015 RWC, in fact, they started lobbying for it the day after they were cheated out of the 2011 bid. Sadly though, its going to go to a country with spiraling crime, dire infrastructure, poor service and abysmal accomodation and food standards. Not to mention an inability to manage even simple things such as getting trains to Cardiff from London to take fans home from a RWC match. Yes, I mean England.

    My Sister and Brother in law with my nephew and neice are moving to New Zealand this year, my sister to work at the Department of Corrections and my brother in law to work as a Primary School teacher. I'll be visiting in 2011 but I'll be dammed if I give anything to a world cup covered in so much dirt Richard Nixon should be in charge of it.

    Likewise, if England win the 2015 bid, I'll probably be a total killjoy and watch the matches at home. Grudgingly.
  5. RC

    RC Guest

    My dear Pres, you had me at, "It's all going wrong!"
  6. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    I still say Japan should be hosting it now.

  7. Fozastuta

    Fozastuta Guest

    Japan would of been brilliant hosts. Passionate country, with financial clout. I agree with Prestwick with regard to planning, surley the IRB must make sure their are serious measures in place, if we are to make the tournaments a real world event, at the moment its a little bit blowing in the wind.
  8. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    If memory serves me correctly, 2003 was supposed to be joint hosted by NZ and Aus, then when it turned out that the Kiwis couldn't host their half, Aus was given the whole shaboodle.

    If they can't hold half a tournament, what chance in hell do they have of the whole thing?
  9. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    If they are hoping that allot of people out of that 70,000 figure are going to stay with friends/family or stay on a cruise liner hope whatsoever!
  10. From what I recall, New Zealand could barely cope with the last Lions tour. The non-test matches were poorly attended. With the decision for hosting the 2011 world cup taking place only a few months after that Lions tour, how on earth did New Zealand win the vote?

    Rugby administration will be better when the "old farts" are replaced with people who grew up with a professional game. Horse trading for votes (as the NZRFU undoubtedly did) has no place in the modern game. If rugby is to truly expand into a global game, then the tier one nations must stop thinking of themselves first and foremost. An emerging nation, be it Japan, the USA or Argentina, must get the rights to host the 2015 tournament once it's financially viable to do so.

    TRUE LEGND Guest

    Quit all the moaning up there guy's where'd you hear all that bull crap???

    As farr as we know where building and renovating things to accommodate such a spectacular event 4 years to guy boys remember roam wasn't built in a day so just relax abit before your hair starts falling out
  12. Brodizzle

    Brodizzle Guest

    ARU supported Japan, don't blame us. :)
    France did the same this year, welcome to the real world, the BEST option is not going to be chosen as each individual union is going to choose which is benificial to thier own somewhat selfish (to the growth of rugby as a whole) wants.

    I am increasingly sceptical on the benifit of holding the 2011 world cup in New Zealand. It's a very small nation, the world cup is a huge event, the size of the New Zealand stadium was enough for early world cups but at the moment the amount of people wanting to go to a world cup to support thier nation well outstrips the seating New Zealands stadiums can provide plus the various accomodation as was mentioned before.

    At the commencement of the World Cup this year commentators on free to air said something along the lines of 'Australia 2003 was hailed as the greatest world cup ever and France is sure to be even greater still'. I cannot see New Zealand being anything but a huge failure. Look at the amount of people going to even the minnow games in France, this is not amateur anymore, New Zealand can only 'host' a world cup if it is split between a few nations....I don't know, we'll just see but judging by the cost of tickets etc. at France, with the size of thier stadiums, it will be impossible to get anything but a pool match in New Zealand.
  13. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    Er...the New Zealand Herald? Obviously though, I'm about to be told that nobody believes what they read in the Herald and that it's an objective and opinionated pile of poo that offends Maori Culture..right? :p

    All I've seen so far has not given me any confidence in this coming World Cup. Where is the co-ordinated planning? Why hasn't anyone thought of pumping funds into more accomodation and transport infrastructure around the country rather than hiring cruise ships?!

    From someone who lives in a country beset by multiple planning gaffes and fiascos, I think us Brits know a cock up when we see one.
  14. Fozastuta

    Fozastuta Guest

    This is true, the bureaucrats in this country are a bunch of money making arseholes (Pardon), who ruin anything they get their hands on :rahh:
  15. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    Yeah we've got plenty of claims to fame...

    The Dome, The Scottish Parliament, "Glanmor's Gap" at the Millenium Stadium, the new Wembley Stadium, the West Coast Mainline upgrade, the Channel Tunnel, the Millenium Bridge....
  16. NZ$30 million loss?!?!?!? That's terrible. I have one pound forty five pence in my pocket.....can anyone chip in with the other shilling in order to make up the shortfall?
  17. as said before, france has it purely because they gave scottland and wales games. its all about politics and who can offer who else more free money. lets face it. if the 2015 wc is in europe again it will be a sham. canada, usa or japan should host it then.
  18. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    I'm sure Helen "I'm pretentious enough to think that I'm making a difference by calling New Zealand a nuclear free zone" Clark will find some loose change down the back of the sofa of her official residence in New Zealand.

    TRUE LEGND Guest

    No its all a had mate, where doing that to keep all you whinger's out :) Im sure your pile of poo wouldnt upset the maori culture bar the ngapuhi tribe of course...

    We won the rights and we run it how we run it, NOT how you want us to run it
  20. Karmabass

    Karmabass Guest

  21. RC

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