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Nintendo Ds Lite



Hey guys, i'm thinking of pickin up the DS Lite. main reason being the release of pokemon diamond and pearl. that aside, anyone here has the DS lite? all comments welcome
Best. Handheld. Ever.

Seriously entertaining machine. It passes the commuting time for me to get to work with ease and the games are very innovative.

Buy it, you will not regret it in any capacity.
Two words: Phoenix. Wright.

I have yet to meet a gamer who hasn't played it and not been utterly enraptured by its brilliance. And if such a person exists, they probably have no soul. I suggest a stake through the heart, just to make sure.
I hated Phoenix Wright. I just couldn't get passed the logic jumps you had to make.

But yeah, the DS is well worth getting. The only thing is if you have massive hands it might be worth getting the original bigger one, if you plan on playing it for longer than an hour. However if you have dodgy eyesight the Lite might be worth going for. Otherwise there's no difference, as far as I know.
yeah I am looking into getting one too as I have about an hourish commute to work so could be cool to have something to play on the way there or other times I have to wait for something.
My favourite games are:
Advance Wars
Age Of Empires
Brothers In Arms
Castlevania Dawn Of Sorrow
Custom Robo Arena
Elite Beat Agents
Kirby Canvas Curse
Lunar Knights
Mario Kart
Mario & Luigi - Partners In Time
Megaman Star Force
Metroid Prime
New Super Mario Bros
Pokemon Am
Puzzle Quest
Sonic Rush
Tony Hawks American Sk8land
Trauma Center
Viewtiful Joe
Yoshis Island

Games coming out
Dementium:The Ward
Call Of Duty 4 DS
Megaman Star Fore
Heroes of Mana
Worms 2:Open Warfare
Mario Party DS
Ninja Gaiden DS
Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hour Glass
Sonic Rush Adventure
Final Fantasy: Revenant Wings
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
final fantasy tactics A2
Sonic RPG
Sonic Rush Adventure
Race Driver: Create & Race
Tony Hawks Proving Ground
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations
Advance Wars 2
WWE Smackdown Vs Raw
Quake DS
Dragon Quest Monsters - Joker
Jam Sessions
Luminous Arc
Elite Beat Agents 2
Final Fantasy 2 (4)
Its A wonderful world
Rune Factory
Worms 2

You won't be disapointed if you get a ds. The main diffrence between the ds lite and the original is the lite version is less durable. I have both its really up to you which one you pick.
what do you mean by its less durable..

and hmm, that point on having big hands and gettin the older DS. i have a nearly 25 cm palm span. so get the DS lite or the older one?
The old ds is more solid. Ds lite buttons seems to be softer and the ds lite is slightly more fragile than the original. The DS lite is by no means soft its just that original ds is as solid as a rock. Even though the ds lite is smaller it kinda makes up for it with a larger stylus, brightness settings and the button layout is better too. The lowest setting the ds lite is brighter than the original ds. I think ds lite has a longer battery and faster recharge i could be wrong though. Have you played with either with them? I think you should get the lite version buts its entirely up to you. I know i wouldn't trade my original ds for a lite for free.
haha just thinking of getting one to pass the time after the exams. i have approx 2 months hols. other than spending time with the girlfriend, worrying out morons woo-ing her, watching rugby at the stadium and just doing nothing.

just seen my cousin have one. looks pretty fun. but the main reason is because of pokemon. man i havent played that in ages. and when i did last week, i cldnt stop
Yeah man pokemon is the ****. Im 18 but i kinda feel like a old man when i play it but its real addictive. Have you got wireless broadband? Wifi is pretty cool
yep, over here the govt is wiring the whole damn country to wireless. so i guess i cld stroll in to say, mcdonalds and hook up to wifi and beat the **** out of some korean kid WAAAAAAAAAAAAY up north in korea eh?

you're nvr too old for a handheld. i saw an old man bout 70? in the train 2 nights ago, he was mucking ard with a DS!
The big difference between the two is the size and the screen brightness. If you can go into a shop and ask to hold the two, you'd be better off. Unless the Lite is way way way too small for you, you should take it. The screen brightness is hugely difference. It's even playable in with direct sunlight on it.
Yeah I haven't played the pc version so it'll be interesting to see if the ds one is a worthy adaption. It comes out at around September i'll get to see what all the fuss is about.
go check out the gameplay trailer on gametrailers.com

if u cant find it, use wikipedia. just type Maple Sotry DS and use those external links. my speakers are so i cant see but not hear
Yeah i just checked it out on youtube. Looks interesting but cant say much as its just a demo.
True i haven't played maple story on the ds is it any good? Have bought a ds yet? Oh yeah add bleach DS to that list

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