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NRL Mascot Mania (Nintendo DS)




Each year before the NRL season starts, the NRL Mascots battle each other for there team's honour and respect. Last year you fought badly and the other Macots mocked your team. But, this year, things will be different...

  • Choose between 16 team mascots, each with their own superpowers!
  • Explore and conquer 48 fantasy environments using your Super Abilities!
  • Battle your enemies using Fiery Fists and Ground Smash, or unleash your mascot’s special attack!
  • Face off against other team mascots in an epic boss-battle clash.
  • Find, collect, and trade NRL player cards with your friends to boost your team in the mini-match.


Rugby gaming on the DS ? :blink:


... or not :cryy:
that little bit of the actual league mini game at the end of the youtube video bore an uncanny resemblance to the league coming out on psp. I hope its not, it looked like garbage........along with the rest of this random mascot crap.

Just give us a damn league game...........surley even kids would prefer league.
My brother just got this in NZ and told me that you can actually play games of league once you unlock teams by completing the mascot world stuff. He said it plays poorly and animations are bad but its still fun.

Hopefully the psp one has a little more to offer, lke a franchise or something.

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