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nz team aim for 400



the 400 mark could go tonight as nz take on zimbabwe.

full article here http://www.nzherald.co.nz/section/story.cf...jectID=10343287
That once-fanciful total of 400 is in grave danger of being overhauled in Harare tonight as New Zealand look to brush aside Zimbabwe and post their third consecutive Tri-Series win.

No team has yet managed to eclipse the 400-mark, but New Zealand went perilously close last week in Bulawayo, and but for the reduction of six overs because of a delayed start, would have certainly been the first.

Highest ODI totals

398-5 (50 overs), Sri Lanka v Kenya, Kandy, 1995/96

397-5 (44 overs), New Zealand v Zimbabwe, Bulawayo, 2005/06

391-4 (50 overs), England v Bangladesh, Nottingham, 2005

376-2 (50 overs), India v New Zealand, Hyderabad, 1999/00

373-6 (50 overs), India v Sri Lanka, Taunton, 1999

I think 400 is defintely possible with the nz team in good form. its all about the start though, big totals always begin with a good start. the zimbabwean attck doesn't pose much threat and will have to bowl really well to either restrict nz to a low score or defend against whatever their batsmen put up.
Just minor thing standing in the way.

A thing they like to call in France the "Coin Toss"
well for sure the toss plays a part and also zimbabwe willl surely bowl better. still with a good start nz have the batting to get a big score.
i wouldn't have thought they had a show at getting anywhere near that mark today

the ***** there moves alot more than the one they were on the other day. thought it woudl have been nice. they ended up on 238 all out and struggled to bowl zimbabwe out so that wans't cool.

Shane Bond has got the best strike rate in international cricket before this match it was a wicket every 25 balls and this game he took 4 for 17 in 7 overs so thats pretty damn good

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