Off season training.

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by Big_C, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. Big_C

    Big_C Guest

    Hello Guys,

    Just wondered what training shedule's you are following this off season.

    I'm going for 2 x 40 min cross country runs a week (in a bid to slim down)

    and 1 x 40min circuit/weight session (for strength)

    I am 35 and play in the centres and the captian has ask if I could move to the back/second row, think he's trying to tell me something.
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  3. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    My training schedule is probably going to be an hour a day on the CCNA books and an hour doing network labs on my two routers.
  4. Big_C

    Big_C Guest

    Whats your signature banner all about Preswick?
  5. DC

    DC Guest

    im doing

    weights 3 times a week (as i do all year round).

    then cross country training on the 3 off days ( 4.5 miles, 25 minute session)

    mixing in ab workout, and pushups, not to mention agility ladder drills.

    then for actual work on my game i do, 50 box kicks off each leg, and then 100 passes off each hand, and 25 heavy medicine ball passes off each hand.
  6. Gurph

    Gurph Guest

    im lifting 5 days a week
    m/w/f- chest/arms
    t/th- legs/shoulders/back

    abs every other day
  7. Corywalker

    Corywalker Guest

    This summer, i actually will be playing more rugby. Im trying out for my provincial team (vancouver island), which we have 2 hour practices every sunday, and weight training and fitness (Vo2 Tests suck!) during the week, and the tourney we are training for are on the 6th,7th,8th of July. There are also rumours about facing a touring team from wales. Then, in august i have U17 club team to play for and then my season starts again. Non-Stop rugby ftw!
  8. Wellycane

    Wellycane Guest

    :huh: well I'm just ummmm....relaxed... B) Yip im part of that rapidly increasing overweighted percentage of peeps in Nu Zeeland. That's something I'm not proud of though hehehe but your guys training's looking good...might bite it.
  9. Cerlach

    Cerlach Guest

    Weights on my upper body 4 times a week and continuing rehab on my knee in time for the new season.
  10. weight training 5 times a week mainly on upper body, touch game every thurs night down at club to keep some match fitness, then proberbly some heavy fitness work in preseason
  11. Big_C

    Big_C Guest

    Weights seem to be the way forward for ambitious young rugby players nowdays, don't neglect your cardio workouts though or you'll start to fade during the latter stages of the game.
    I would forget a bodybuilding routine as well ie. bodyparts current thinking is that you need to be doing explosive all body exercises, such as squats and power cleans.
  12. Seaeagles

    Seaeagles Guest

    Im actually in the middle of my rugby season out here in Australia, but last off season I stripped down 8 Kg. I was doing 3 weights sessions a weeks consisting of chest, shoulders, back (remember for every chest exercise you should do a back exercise) and legs, as well as Abs and Bi/tri. I also did 3-4 cardio sessions usally via spin or bike classes at the gym which go for an hour, and also sprint sessions. I did not do much long distance running as it can be bad for a big fellas ankles and knees, also you tend to lose muscle mass.
  13. fordyfun

    fordyfun Guest

    weights for the next few weeks

    tuesday and thursday diffrent body parts upper on tuesday then lower thursday

    running then on mondays and saturdays

    250 x12 for the distance runs

    and 35mins jogging you put this in practice and you be flying the time the season starts
  14. Big_C

    Big_C Guest

    Training body parts is old thinking, the pro's advocate complete body lifts now such as power cleans and dead lifts.

    I think 40mins about the limit for jogging as you do lose body mass and can be bad for knees and ankles.

    anybody tried plyometrics? looks a bit wierd to me.
  15. weights for the next few weeks

    tuesday and thursday diffrent body parts upper on tuesday then lower thursday

    running then on mondays and saturdays

    250 x12 for the distance runs

    and 35mins jogging you put this in practice and you be flying the time the season starts

    what do u mean by 250 x 12 in the distance runs

    otherwise that looks like the program ive been handed by rugby club for the off season
  16. Well, look.. Back Row players actually have to be fitter than the centres... so I think ur doing well! (ahem.. a backrow speaking, biassed alert!)
  17. biking for those legs - and loosing that inch of padding.
  18. prop

    prop Guest

    if you want some really good strength/fitness ideas/programs go to, the crusader's strength and conditioning coach post articles and answers faqs on there.
  19. St Day 3

    St Day 3 Guest

    Was now starting my program and ive gone and got a hernia, see the doc tommorow :(
    needs 6 weeks post op rest im told so its ruined all my plans and it hurts like hell too,
    Iv i want to be ready to play at the start of the season ill have to pay for the op aswell to avoid the NHS waiting list- I AM GUTTTED :( :( :(
  20. Big_C

    Big_C Guest

    Unlucky St Day 3, injuries always happen at the wrong time. Look at the bright side, you should be hitting form just before Christmas ready for a string finish to the season.
  21. fitness

    fitness Guest

    At this stage of the off-season, guys and girls you should really be focusing on functional hypertrophy i.e. putting on mass that you will be able to translate on to the field.

    In that respect I would focus on gym work 3-4 times per week, 3-4 sets of 3-4 'Big Bang Exercises such as Squats, Deadlifts, Bench, Chin-Ups and Rows with 10-12 reps per set.

    Eat clean witth limited sugar intake and this will ensure that you get the right amount of nutrients to support this growth.

    Informal ball in hand like tag or tip rugby is the best way of satisfying those in need of cardio! :) Although at this stage it is not strictly necessary.

    I will keep on this post oif you have any Qs!

    Best wishes

    John Lark - Sign Up for a Free Rugby Fitness Course
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