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I cant think of a username

I got Medal Of Honour: Allied Assault War Chest for my PC last week and when I went to play it I couldn't use a my joypad with it even though it says in the manual that you can 'set the game to work with a joystick' (it doesn't say how to either)

I know there are plenty of you out there that are computer experts so if you can help I'd really appreciate it
use the keyboard and mouse, once you master that you wont go back to consold fps :)
yep same as woosaah said! i only play PC games now with kb mouse or if i am playing rugby soccer or NFS MW then i use my joypad, but most army games like MOH or COD is best played with kb & mouse! ;)
Well I was playing it with the mouse and kb but I was wondering 'cause it says you can play with a joypad in the manual.
I have used keyboard & mouse for a few years and it's perfect for fps. I bought a logitech pad for the pc (the one that looks like the ps2 pad) & tried using the pad on Halo. I wasn't bad for moving around swapping weapons etc, but when it came to aiming, It was terrible. Trust me stick to keyboard & mouse.
all you need to do is go into setting and change the controls in there.

you click somewhere and it asks you to change the config by pressing the button (not exactly sure with MOH as i havnt played it for a while)

but try that.

also there maybe a controller config already in there anyway
On MOH AA you can define your controls to joypad or kb & mouse, but trust me its much better with kb & mouse more keys and more 360 move with the mouse, joypad you havnt got that fredom of movement as you do with the mouse! ;)

Same goes with Brothers in arms road to hill 30, Call of Duty 1 & 2 Americas army, Unreal Tournament 1-5, Postal 2 feel the pain, far cry and many more on the PC. . . . . . . .
Originally posted by csrtt815@May 28 2006, 10:54 PM
On MOH AA you can define your controls to joypad or kb & mouse
Tell me how please
MOH AA when the game loads mouse over the Options screen click it then you will get the controls screen, click on Controls you can define your keys and mouse there! i

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