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Olympic Games Update


Olympians failing drug tests will never not be unsurprising
Yeh, Just continues the dirty legacy of 100m sprint champions.
Japanese now completely denying they're cancelling it. With 80% of your population being against it its tough to see how you can run it.
$25bn down the shitter, gotta feel for them

Poor buggers, they couldn't have got themselves a quarter of a Moonshot testing programme for that! I feel sorry for them missing out on their shop window on the world stage, but suspect that they will do legacy better than anyone has so far.
I suspect due to training that goes in many just want to compete for many sports its their only point to really shine.
Equally, a number of older athletes are looking at the olympics as their swan song before retirement; and there's only so long someone like Federer can keep pushing it back.
anyone else find this a bit crazy considering their vaccination rate?

It's all about saving face on a global scale, now
Local government doesn't want it, the population don't want it, even some athletes have hinted that they don't want it to go ahead
There's protests against it, medical workers refusing to work at it etc.

Going to be a right mess

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