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On the move again...



From bad news comes good...

Since locksley has decided not to go ahead with his site, I've decided to continue on with my site. I had intended to let it go once locksley had opened his site, and I would just help him.

Since it appears that that is not happening at this stage, I have moved to what will hopefully be a better host. It's hard getting a good free host and reasonably ad free host, and since my last host decided to put ads on without telling me, I moved.

So, drumroll please....


I will go back to updating often now aswell.

If you discover any problems, please let me know!

Oh, and I've put a Rugby 2005 Remix trailer video up, if anyone's interested.
That's a nice little video dude, there's no sound though? If you ever need any help with updating the site, finding news, etc I'm always here.
Yeah, I couldn't keep the sound from the original (and it wouldn't have worked anyway), I thought about putting "Hey Ya" (Outkast) as the background, but it's such a small video size it would probably increase the size by about 50%.

I'll think about your offer. Might be handy to have someone else updating the site.
My sentiments exactly: Nice little cut on the trailers, JJ. Good stuff.

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