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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by murphy8, Aug 3, 2007.

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    Just thinking people should list the changes to their rosters, or even more specifically one team that they have completely edited so everyone can compare and get the most fun out of their game.
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  3. Fa'atau82

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    I'm doing exactly that for rugby '06. When my roster patch is finished (it is currently about 80% to the coming season) i intend to release some squad lists.

    It is a shame that you can't have custom competitions, as then you could have a proper top 14, magners league.. but you can't.
  4. For Edinburgh:

    Brackets = real name

    Firstly i shippe dout the deadwood that are no longer there:

    T. Filise, Centre (Tom Phillip)
    D. Horwill, Prop (Dave Hewett)
    T. Blockrider, Back Row/Lock (Todd Blackadder)
    F. Prince, Lock (Fergus Pringle)
    P. George, Centre
    A. Mander, Fly Half

    Then i performed the transfers out:

    D. Hill, Hooker (Douggie Hall) to Glasgow
    A Kellock, Lock to Glasgow
    S. Murray, Lock to Montabaun
    S. Taylor, Back Row to Stade Francais
    M. De Rillo, Wing/Centre (Marcus Di Rollo) to Toulouse
    C. Patson, Wing/FB (Chris Paterson) to Gloucester
    F. Leonelli, Wing/FB to Saracens (via Glasgow)
    R. Lesson, Scrum Half (Rory Lawson) to Gloucester
    A. Stephenson, Back Row (Ally Strokosch) to Gloucester
    M. Pike, Wing/Center to Montabaun

    Then i edited the names of the remaining players or replaced them with the international versions:

    A. Hoge, Back Row into Ally Hogg
    M. Brail, Scrum Half to Mike Blair
    P. Garman, Fly Hlaf to Phil Godman
    S. Westber, Wing to Simon Webster
    H. Sothal, FB/Centre to Hugo Southwell
    A. Carly, Hooker to A. Kelly
    C. Smithe, prop to Craig Smith
    S. Creaser, back row to Simon Cross
    D. Hodgson, fly half to Duncan Hodge
    M. Masters, Back Row/Lock to Matt Mustchin
    M. Dell, Centere to Matt Dey

    Transfers in, most of which i had to create from Scratch:

    A. Allori, Prop (Argentina)
    S. Cross, Prop
    Lawrie, Hooker
    Turnbull, Lock
    R. Rennie, Flanker
    A. Macdonald, Flanker/N8
    B. Meyer, Scrum Half (New Zealand)
    S. Larkham, Fly Half from Brumbies
    N. De Luca, Centre/FB - the main transfer, the future of Scottish Rugby
    C. Mcrae, Centre/FB/Fly Half
    B. Cairns, Centre/Wing
    A. Easson, Centre/FB
    Maxwell, Wing from Ulster
    M. Robertson, Wing
    C. Hamilton, Lock

    all done...
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