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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by sarries fan, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. DonBilly

    DonBilly Guest

    I think Morgan Williams joined the Stade Français where Mike James plays too. He used to play for Paris three years ago as far as I remember.
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  3. DonBilly

    DonBilly Guest

    Canadian Rugger, with the Top14, the H-cup and the international tests the players of the Stade have many matches to play (e.g. Rémy Martin played 42 matches last season) so the Stade Français needs to fill the 33 positions with quality players in order to face resting time and injuries.
  4. good point DonBilly [​IMG]
  5. harrison2468

    harrison2468 Guest

    It could always mean Pichot is leaving for "home" (aka Bristol). I hope so, although we do have a decent scrum-half in Shaun Perry.
  6. leicester

    leicester Guest

    Martin Corry, Harry Ellis and Ollie Smith for Leicester.

    Will be v. interesting to see how Spencer plays at Northampton. Whatever he does, he's likely to be entertaining.

    JSD is due a return to his best at Gloucester.

    Voyce, Lewsey and Erinle for Wasps.
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