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Predict this S14 FINAL!

The final will be:

  • Crusaders - Waratahs

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  • Crusaders - Hurricanes

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  • Waratahs - Bulls

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  • Hurricanes - Bulls

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Most likely to be seems a final between Crusaders and Hurricanes! Second choice Crusaders and Waratahs! Can Bulls be in the final! Is it possible to have a miracle?

Please vote! Vote with your heart :D
I'd love a Waratahs v Bulls final..........but fat chance.

My vote was Crusaders v Tahs as the most likely.
I don't care if it's unlikely, I'm hoping for a Waratahs v Bulls final! GO THE TAHS AND GO THE BULLS!!! LETS HAVE A NO KIWI FINAL!
If Bulls are going to win in CHCH i`m going to cut one of my balls off! No worries, i`ve got three ! :D :D :D
Originally posted by THE CHIROPRACTOR101@May 15 2006, 10:28 PM
ima be brave...bulls vs canes

bulls win
Man, you must need a wheelburrow for your balls!

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