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Hi all, just joined the forums and am pretty impressed as to how popular they are, well done to the admin!

Hope you don't think this is spam, am not selling anything. Noticed you have lots of prediction posts for the world cup, this is something me and some mates used to do, and also played the bbc's play the pundit, but got fed up with the slow updates, and lack of games, so decided to make our own.

You basically sign up, which is free, no adverts either, then join a league, can join all if you wish, you then predict the scores of upcoming games. Just for a bit of fun really.

Currently we have the following leagues:
  • Rugby World Cup 07
  • Magners League
  • Heineken Cup
  • Guinness Premiership
  • EDF Energy Cup
  • Six Nations
  • Tri Nations
You may notice they are all union leagues, this is pretty much because its what we follow closely, and can update instantly.

If anyone wanted add a league tournament, then let me know to talk about this.

Well thats pretty much it, I posted this in the world cup forum as it starts in 7 days and saw all the prediction posts.

Website: www.predictionrugby.com

It works slightly differently than TRF prediction. You get 4 points for a correct win, and 6 bonus points if you get both teams score correct. Have weekly and monthly winners.

All I can say is give it a go, its free.

Admin - if you'd like a link to this forum, let me know. Seems like a good all round rugby forum.

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