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PS3 Network Hacked?

Apparently they are being sewed and may have to pay $318 to every persons account that has been compromised.
So glad I dont have a PS3, people's bank account details might have been compromised because of it.
Thankfully I never gave Sony any card numbers. I can't wait however to require changing my email details over on every sodding online account I have.

Even more annoyingly I don't even have a ******* PS3 any more but do have constant spam emails from Sony trying to sell me the latest PSN deals. Arseholes. :(
I have my fingers crossed that my bank isn't account isn't going to be hacked. Pretty worrying.
Change details now while the going is good.

For the spam alone Sony can **** right off if they think I'm buying any of their products again.
This is an interesting one, especially as they are trying to establish themselves in the online gaming market, could Microsoft take the lead here? I know I won't be buying a PS3 anytime soon, and I would never go online with it...

Then there's the LG Case where they are suing Sony, which seems to have gone quiet for now, Sony may be in trouble..
The problem however is when Microsoft don't have competition, they're known to get lazy - Think how shite Windows was until every uppity twat in the land saw Apple as a fashion statement more then a computer.

If Sony's Playstation division goes the way of Sega or a good Nintendo console, Microsoft wouldn't surprise me if they started killing the market.

It's a pitty the 2 biggest arses of worldwide electronic corporations rule the roost in gaming now while Nintendo (let's not forget they're the only "originals" video games company still making consoles) have decided to go all "Grandma needs tennis".

What an excellent time for a Dreamcast 2 to be announced...
Has anyone else with a PS3 taken any action? i.e. cancelled cards, changed passwords?

I don't have any bank details on there but my password is the same password I use for nearly everything so that is more than slightly worrying. Quite ****** off that Sony could let something like this happen + didn't take the measure to encrypt all passwords but just assumed that their 'very sophisticated' security wouldn't be broken... which it was.
I've bought stuff for GTA, Read Dead Redemption, Star Wars Forced Unleashed and Fight Night Round 4...

I'm ****'d. I too am pretty annoyed, it just shakes my confidence in this sort of thing. I haven't taken any action as of yet, but am considering it soon. I'm skeptical as to whether any large amounts of money can be taken from 77,000,000 people, with out it becoming an international security matter, so it'll be interesting if they try to do anything with it.
It's hardly as though it's an old issue either when you remember the "account bouncing" that went on in the early days of PSN for illegal sharing of DLC.
Card details were on a encrypted database that doesnt seem to have been affected so far.. but it still shocking for sony to not encrypt general data tbh.. As for me Im fairly safe I changed my name in jan and forgot to change it on PSN.. the email linked has been deleted, card details that were attached (had deleted them but you never know) are old same goes for password and address from when I moved in 2009 xD
I wouldn't be worried about ps3, the hackers are going to put back up psn so people can play online but disable it so administrators can get on the server, the hackers are doin this because sony are suing geohot for inventing the ps3 jail break and they said they won't take any credit card codes.
Interesting article: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/gamesblog/2011/apr/29/psn-hack-industry-reactions

Seems the experts believe it was either:
  • A group of hackers who retaliated for Sony taking legal action against Geohotz for cracking the PS3, just looking to make a point
  • A criminal group with malicious intentions
  • Kids
Sadly in the article most of the experts believe the evidence points towards a criminal organisation. Great.

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