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Rugby League Live Online (PS3)

Hey dude I might look you up next time I'm playing online. I just got the game today and have had 4 games online (1 win - 3 losses) and all the games have been awesome fun. One of the games went into golden point and I lost in the third session of overtime. So much fun.
Well my PSN is craigiversen (yeah kinda obvious one I know). I've played 4 - won 2 - drawn 1 - Lost 1.
I just played a person online who waited until I chose my team (random NRL team - Rabbitohs this time) then picked Australia for himself. The game was really close, with him being held up over the line twice and me once and it ended at nil-all. Then in extra time he kept going for the big hits and gave away 2 penalties which got me about 15 metres out from his line with a full set of six to position myself then knock over a fieldgoal (or so I thought). But since I'd never actually even attempted a fieldgoal before, when I set it up and passed to the playmaker Sandow I pressed the wrong buttons and instead he grubbered through the line, regathered and sailed in for the match winning try!!! Good times.

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