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QR Reds Advert

Loved the line "165,000 Queenslanders can't be wrong" " Oh well I'm pretty sure they can be!".

All the same, can't wait until when the Reds kick your ass on Saturday night.
Should be an interesting match... NSW coming back from a bad tour of SA and with their finals spot on the line (add to that they all f***ing hate Qld) means they should be pretty pumped.
Of course the Qlder's love nothing more than spoiling a NSW party and have been in alright form (well, getting better). Should be interesting.

Still though, tipping our boys to get up.
"Nothing Big On This Weekend."
Nice...well done. :D

And, yeah, your scrum is doing well, for a bunch of Aussies.
Is it the Red's or the Bronco's that are doing those tribal-themed ads. Those always make me cringe...

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