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Reason Australia won 1999 RWC .... Stuart Barnes



I hate that f*cker Stuart Barnes, the smug, smarmy prat. Now all Englishmen should hate him further as I feel its down to him that Australia won the 1999 Rugby World Cup in Cardiff.

It all started with young Barnes playing for Bath alongside Andy Robinson (former England coach), where Stuart Barnes made shitty decisions from 10, at a time when Rob Andrew was making marvellous decisions in the same position. Around 1993 Dick Best was England coach and having spent time at Bath and seen the current England team, thought that a tub or lard at number 10 would do the trick. This was all Barnes's own fault due to his smarm and willing to take all the credit, despite being surrounded by the best team in English rugby for many years.

Best didn't last long as England coach, luckily, and Rob Andrew was re-instated at 10 for England, who then went on to prove the old adage, that Australia can't beat England in World Cups, a neatly slotted drop goal against the Aussies in the QF from Andrew started a long tradition. Jack Rowell was the coach then and knew much of Andy Robinson from his time at Bath too and when Rowell left the post and Robinson retired from club rugby but found he had learned much from Barnes, like making poor decisions, which was also compounded by Dick Best. God I hate Barnes...

Sir Clive took the England post in 1997 and after an unconvincing start, he and his coaches started to see a little success. In 1999, England had beaten all before them when they came to play Wales in Wembley. This was Wales's "Home Match" as the Millenium Stadium was still being built for the world cup later that year. In what would become the first of 4 or 5 years in a row England choked at the last match of the elusive Grand Slam, we must look to why this loss took place;-

Woodward, an excellent coach, had Andy Robinson as one of his coaches, the same Robinson who had been smeared in the liquid smarm that oozes from Stuart Barnes... and it was Robinson who pushed for Dallaglio to be made captain... thus Barnes's curse was further rubbed, now Dallaglio had the Barnes lurgy. That fateful day in 1999, England had a penalty roughly 15 mins from the end, deep inside Wales's half and easily kickable and as the lead was 6 points over the Welsh, another 3 would have meant 9 points up, 2 scores, with very little time remaining. Well Dallaglio had a brain fart and the arrogance that Andy Robinson had passed onto him, thanks to Barnes, made Dallaglio kick for the corner, when the win was the easier option and a win it would have been no doubt... but Dallaglio wanted to twist the knife, score another try, the type of f*ckwittery only associated with players like Stuart Barnes.

I think the rest is fairly well known, England didn't score the try, Wales broke out of their half, Tim Rodber was, perhaps a little harshly, penalised for a tackle on Colin Charvis. From the resulting penalty a lovely few passes went to hand before the pop to Scott "I ran into Os Du Randt and flattened him" Gibbs, who proceeded to run with searing pace and feet as light as feathers to sidestep the final few backs to score a superb try. Neil Jenkins was never going to miss that kick. So Wales won that day and England had to draw up plan B.

Later that year the World Cup took place in Wales, instead of going into the pool games as Grand Slam champs and raring to go, England had been taken down a peg or two by Wales, well by Dallaglio, well by Robinson, well ultimately by Barnes. Anyway, heading into the game against the Kiwis, England stood a good chance, on the day they were beaten by the better team, but that team weren't so great, but to beat the Kiwis, they need to be playing off form, which happened, but the other team need to be playing 100%, which England weren't. Had England gone in as Grand Slam Champs, I think they could have beaten the Kiwis, thus not facing South Africa in the quarters.

This throws up a different scenario altogether with England playing France in one semi and Australia vs. New Zealand or South Africa in the other. Well we know the Aussies beat South Africa anyway, but Australia also seem to have the history over the Kiwis in the world cup, 2003, 1991 etc. so either way the Aussies were going to get to the finals. But England... England had the measure of France in 1991, 2003, 2007... the only lost match was in the 1995 play-offs and the team were so downtrodden after Lomu trampled them, that they didn't really try at all. So England have Frances number in world cups, we know this, which makes for an England vs. Australia final in 2003.

The rest is academic, as everyone knows that the Aussies can't beat the English in World Cups, well, not since 1991 and that's pretty old now, in recent times England seem to be the bogey team for the Aussies, who are the bogey team for the Kiwis, who are the bogey team for the English...

So there you have it, if England had reached the finals of the 1999 world cup, they would have won, but they didn't... Australia won it. For that we can thank the Kiwis in the opening round, for which we can thank the Welsh win in the 6 nations, for which we can thank Dallaglio's idiotic decision, for which we can thank Robinson's **** ideas, for which we can thank that f***er... that unsightly, fat, flat-faced shitsack known as Stuart Barnes.

So there it is, Australia won the 1999 world cup thanks to Stuart Barnes. I hate him.
What do I really think? I think England didn`t win the 1999 RWC because they lost to both NZ and Jannie De Beer. And Australia won that year because they didn`t concede a single try throughout the tournament.

But I do agree with you that Stuart Barnes is a bit of a c*cksucker. Which explains the lard on his ass. Too much ingestion of protein shakes methinks :p
Well England were humbled twice in the 99 world cup, a defeat to Wales in the 5 nations had nothing to do with it. The main thing was at the time that the northern hemisphere was much weaker than the SH at the time, Scotland had won the 5 nations that year for example and were then beaten by the Boks and the All Blacks just like England. So it was probably down to the usual overconfidence and the fact they came up against a team (Boks) playing their best game of the tournament with a man who slotted 5 drop goals in 20 minutes.
Aus 99 possibly the greatest team ever - their defence was good enough to win it, and they didn't have to bother with their amazing backline attack in the final.

Stuart Barnes is awesome, and slightly weird.
Wouldn't have made a difference how many Grand Slams you could've won, Jonah would've stomped you like he did every single time he played against you lot.

Although you would think that you would've think you had learnt not to put Mike Catt on the same field as him again...
And Australia won that year because they didn`t concede a single try throughout the tournament.


They were simply the best team in the world under the reign of Rod Macqueen.

England would've been SMASHED if they had've made the final that year.
When I was 16 I got best and fairest, Rod MacQueen was the guest speaker at the prize dinner, so I would of shook his hand (mebbe even got a pat on the shoulder). Though I was absent due to women problems *shakes head*.
thanks for the replies for those that took the post for what it was, a joke/rant ^_^

thanks also for the replies that tried to explain to me about the 99 WC, but honestly, I know England wouldn't have won, far from it and yes, the Aussies were a superb team at that world cup. The point was a to make a lighthearted post poking fun at a few teams on the way, and mainly an excuse to call Barnes a c*nt.

The post was a joke, but the abuse about Barnes isn't, he really *is* a c*nt.

btw Good luck to the Bokke on Saturday, bit of a let down its not full strength but its to be expected after such a cram packed year, but Wales will be better than in the world cup so they Springbacks had better be sharp, which I'm sure they will be.
NZ IMO probably had the most destructive player in Lomu that WC...

Australia however just simply had a champion team not a team of champions..

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