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Hogan Says:

"Reward people for good points, ideas, or for making you laugh by upping their rep, brutha."

On a serious note, I want people to start giving more rep. The rep system after a good start has become rather underused as of late and I think it's a very positive thing to have - it is way better than the old post count system isn't it?

I am promoting an upsurge in rep over this festive period, and beyond.

I want Repamania to run wild on TRF. Now go, give rep, or I'll run wild on you!
I still can't see why we took away post counts, it was never really an issue here. As you may find on other forums, that are maybe computer game based, where all that nooberz rubbish kicks off.

The post count, was one form that recognised good members, I think with that gone. People have felt maybe wrong to do anything with rep. I myself gave alot under the old regime but have felt myself giving maybe two in the time I have been back.

Plus, has much really been done to warrant alot of rep giving, posts I have noticed are lost in the heavy amount of topics and sub forums, so the cream of posting is hard to find. Rugby 06 is a bit stale, so patches, kits and rosters. A big source of rep, has gone.

I say, to kick it off, allow for a bit more freedom with the posting, cut the forum on the board, as it looks quite overbearing in its current state.

The other stuff to make the site a more rounded media centralized rugby fan site is good, and maybe needs expanding, however that will be done over time.

This maybe the wrong place to post this, however I feel it links together.

Right Black Monday....

Please explain your post, if you would change the layout, what would you change!!!
Well the amount of forums seems to have exploded since I joined last year, I was able to read every forum in a few minutes and be able to see alot of what was posted.

Now having so many sub forums just means I look through and get lost with so many forums that also can be empty anyway.

I say cut it back to the forums we had say 9 or so months ago.

The Problem being with that was topics were lost and lost fast...

We felt it was neccessary to have forums for the Key Leagues, which are in NH GP and ML and of course the HK...

Other than that we havent really added any more forums... I like the current setup and you can see whats been posted by the top 40 topics, or the last posts in those topics thats what I look at...

So what do you say we get rid off??
Well to be honnest I've never really understood what was the purpose of these reputation things. This reminds me the elementary school where there was this kind of stuff. So I think I continue with the same behaviour, i.e. not giving, not expecting.
I can see where you're coming from alright, personally I don't really see the point of the rep system but it's there so that's why I'll use it but I don't think there was ever a serious enough spamming problem to warrant getting rid of the post count from general viewing. I'd imagine people will pay more attention to perfect points than rep points. Having said that if it encourages better posting than sobeit, plus it does come in handy for the prediction comps.
I will rep the first 7 people who asked me for rep points and given me one too!
that kind of defeats the whole purpose of the rep system and one of the reasons why I don't like it, people just asking for rep, why not post something that is worthy of a point instead of just asking for it.
It's all about common sense. Don't give rep if people ask - just use it as a reward for good ideas, schemes, making you laugh, intelligent posting etc.

I feel ya Brutha! It's time to rip our shirts and put our hands to our ears! Can you hear it? I can! Repamania, Brutha!

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